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Biological Physical Sciences Interdisciplinary Network (BPSInet)

About the Biological Physical Sciences Interdisciplinary Network

Established in 2013 under the stewardship of Professor Mark Leake  and rebadged as a network in 2020, the Biological Physical Sciences Interdisciplinary Network (BPSInet) at the University of York serves to stimulate and fund exciting new collaborative activities at the cutting-edge interface between the Physical and Life Sciences, encompassing multiple exceptional research teams across several different departments of the University, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, HYMS, Mathematics, Psychology and Computer Science.

BPSI Strategy Report - July 2016 (PDF , 869kb)

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Research Areas

Scientific areas of the BPSInet are divided broadly into three inter-related strands of research excellence with several members of the BPSInet interfacing multiple strands.

  • Imaging and Quantitation
  • Biomolecular Interactions
  • Biological Modelling

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Many of our members are also associated with world-class interfacial research centres across the University of York, allowing the BPSInet to maintain close synergistic links between multiple complementary areas of research excellence across the University.

These centres include:

The BPSInet also maintains close ties to several national-level physical-life sciences initiatives, groups and networks in the UK, including:

Physics of Life

In particular we liaise closely with the Physics of Life Group in the Department of Physics at York. The Physics of Life Group at York captures Biological Physics and Biophysics, involving biophysics research and teaching which includes experimental and theoretical biophysics tools spanning multiple length and time scales, as well the use of physical science tools and techniques to address biophysics questions in the life sciences, physical methods of relevance to technology touching life (TTL) applications in biology and biomedicine, and approaches which use biophysics in the context of biological- derived material to explore new physics.

Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI)

Upcoming events


BPSI Autumn Symposium: Modelling the ecology of complex communities

Posted on Thursday 17 October 2019

On 26th September 2019 more than 70 interdisciplinary scientists attended the half-day BPSI Symposium, “Modelling the ecology of complex communities”.

BPSI Spring Symposium: Light and Life – A molecular perspective

Posted on Wednesday 19 June 2019

Attendees from across Chemistry, Physics and Biology departments convene for talks presenting research in which light is used to measure, manipulate or interact with biological systems.

PoLNET2 2018 Symposium: Molecules, Mechanics, Medicine and More!

Posted on Thursday 7 February 2019

An exciting symposium of cutting-edge interdisciplinary science at the interface between the life and physical sciences.

Official launch of the New Interdisciplinary Facilities for the Scanning Probe Imaging and Micro-Fabrication in the York Nanocentre 24-25 October 2018

Posted on Wednesday 6 February 2019

Co-hosted by the BPSI, Technologies for the Future, Bruker and KLOÉ

Physics of Life 2018: Molecules, Mechanics, Medicine and More!

Posted on Monday 5 November 2018

An exciting symposium of cutting-edge interdisciplinary science at the interface between the life and physical sciences, in association with the Physics of Life Network UK and the Biological Physical Sciences Institute (BPSI) University of York.

BPSI Summer Symposium Report 2018

Posted on Monday 1 October 2018

The BPSI Summer Symposium 2018: Business as Usual? – Collaborative Research at the University-Business Interface