Biological Chemistry (York Structural Biology Laboratory)

Researcher pipetting in the laboratory

Microscope viewing lenses

Injection needles for crystallisation robot

Biosciences building

Image of protein crystals

Biological chemistry research, including structural and chemical biology, has its epicentre in the York Structural Biology Laboratory (YSBL). Work focuses on the fundamental chemical bases for biological and biochemical processes, the use of small molecules to probe cellular biology, software and methods development and on the exploitation of enzymes in biocatalysis.

 Areas of interest

  • Biocatalysis and industrial enzymology (Grogan, Wilson, Davies)
  • Bioorthogonal chemistry and chemical genetics (Fascione, Davies)
  • Drug design, including fragment based approaches (Hubbard, Davies)
  • Glycobiology and carbohydrate chemistry (Davies)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) (Potts, Plevin)
  • Protein-nucleic acid interactions (Antson, Wilkinson)
  • Software development for structural biology (Cowtan, Dodson and Wilson)
  • Structural microbiology (Wilkinson, Wilson)
  • Structural endocrinology (Brzozowski)
  • Thermodynamics of biological processes (Shimizu)


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