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Victorian cyclist in Hyde park. Credit: oldbike.eu

How the Victorians sparked a cycling revolution

As we celebrate another British win in the Tour de France, one of our postgraduate history students takes a pedal through time to explore the impact of the bike on late 19th century society

corporate welfare

State-backed businesses cost Britain billions

Our research shows that private businesses are relying heavily on the state and that Britain’s ‘Free’ market economy is actually costing over £93bn.

Tea with sugar (credit: Tatyana A, Flickr)

Sugar in your cuppa? Not just about a sweet tooth

Researchers show sugar is important in reducing the bitterness of tea and coffee, not just by masking it but by influencing the fundamental chemistry.

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A member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities, we are committed to strengthening our position as one of the world's premier institutions for inspirational and life-changing research.

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