York Festival of Ideas 2016

The Future of Food

Friday 10 June

If we continue to consume meat at the same rate, we will run out of land and water supplies by 2050. Experts explore how we can inspire behaviour change to promote more sustainable diets at our first Festival focus day.

Three Minutes to Midnight

Tuesday 7 June

The Doomsday Clock is ticking and it’s three minutes to midnight… Each year the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists assess the biggest threats to humanity. Our experts consider the findings of their latest report.

Classical Music Redefined: 1000 Years in 40 Minutes

Friday 10 June

Classic FM presenter Tim Lihoreau lifts the lid on a brave new idea: nothing short of a brand new language for classical music. A light-hearted guide to a host of new terms from thrusheltons to friths.

The York Festival of Ideas runs from 7 to 19 June 2016 with a theme of Tick Tock.

With over 100 events to choose from, you're bound to find something to inspire you!

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Our research

Unearthing an overlooked pioneer of garden design

From ornate grottos to burning mirrors, we trace the roots of Renaissance gardening.

We shed new light on Shakespeare's school days​

Our archaeologists reveal the buildings that formed the backdrop to the Bard's education.

What motivates citizen scientists?

A new study reveals why millions of people volunteer their time to contribute to scientific research.

About our research

A member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities, we are committed to strengthening our position as one of the world's premier institutions for inspirational and life-changing research.

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Conversion Hysteria III

Join psychoanalyst Professor Adam Phillips for the third in his series of lectures, Wednesday 1 June.

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Pint of Science

Pint of Science

Join serious thinkers in pubs across York and get schooled for the price of a pint, 22 - 26 May.

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Monks House garden. Credit Nick Macneill/Geograph (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Picnicking in Eden

Professor Dame Hermione Lee explores female writers' gardens, both real and fictional, 2 June.

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Saddle up for YuCycle 2016

Get your team into gear for our 25km, 50km or 100km charity cycle challenge, Sunday 5 June.

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