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Computer simulation of granuloma formation caused by the disease, Leishmaniasis

Innovation through interdisciplinarity

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Informing policy through promoting health services research

Patient after treatment for African trypanosomiasis at Serere Health Centre Uganda

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Child performing a task of sound localisation in loudspeaker 'Crescent of Sound'

Supporting the translation of innovative treatments and therapies into clinical practice

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C2D2 was supported by an Institutional Strategic Support Fund award to the University of York from the Wellcome Trust. The award offers financial support for universities to enhance institutional strategies for the biomedical sciences.

Chronic diseases and disorders affect the quality of life of billions worldwide.

Running from October 2011 until March 2017, C2D2 was as an institution-wide 'virtual centre' for coordinating, promoting, supporting and maximising the benefit of interdisciplinary research and research-linked activities in the area of chronic diseases and disorders at the University of York. Its activities were supported by funding from the Wellcome Trust and the University of York.

Read more about the aims and objectives of C2D2 and how it operated plus what it achieved.

C2D2 has been succeeded by the Centre for Future Health which aims to build on these achievements over the next five years and to broaden support to all areas of human health and wellbeing.