My overall impression is that C2D2 is a major global player in chronic disease and disorders with both breadth and depth in tackling some globally significant problems with some strong partnerships.

Nicola Spence, former Chief Executive, Science City York

What areas do we cover?

Encompassing illnesses and disabilities of infectious and non-infectious (including mental health) origin, the study of chronic diseases and disorders transcends the traditional boundaries of science and medicine. Our research ranges from biological studies of disease mechanisms through translational work in vaccine and drug development, to health services, social science and environmentally-linked research. Explorations in medical history and the medical humanities are equally represented as is work with creative media (e.g. art, music, poetry), both contributing valuable new insights into the origins, understandings and impacts of disease.

How do we support this?

C2D2 is an institution-wide 'virtual centre' for coordinating, supporting and maximizing the benefit of this exciting and rich body of inter-disciplinary research. This support is provided through priming new research and translational projects, funding key technical research services (e.g. bioinformatics and tissue-banking) and infrastructure and sponsoring the best early career researchers. An equally important part of C2D2's mission is to maximize the engagement of different publics, both younger and older, with this research.

How are we run?

C2D2 is supported by a Wellcome Trust ‘Institutional Strategic Support Fund’ (ISSF) award, and the University of York. C2D2 is led by a Steering Group which is chaired by the Director, Professor Alex Wade and has representation from all the major disciplinary areas as well as the central Research and Enterprise Directorate. The Steering Group also includes the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Deborah Smith who is the institutional lead for the ISSF funding and the C2D2 Deputy Director, Dr Sandra Pauletto.

The Steering Group is responsible for deciding the strategic direction of the Centre, for discussing new ventures and partnerships, and for making decisions on applications for funding. The C2D2 Administrator, Dr Philip Kerrigan, is tasked with implementing the objectives set by the Steering Group, with monitoring and reporting on progress, and with taking a lead role in promoting C2D2 both internally and externally. He acts under the guidance and leadership of the Director and Deputy Director who together ensure that the strategic objectives of the Centre are effectively realised.

Steering Group Membership 2015/16

Professor Alex Wade Psychology Director and Chair
Dr Sandra Pauletto Theatre, Film & Television Deputy Director
Professor Deborah Smith Vice-Chancellor's ISSF Institutional Lead
Professor Kate Pickett Health Sciences Health Sciences
Professor Michael Brockhurst Biology Biomedical Sciences
Professor Sarah Nettleton Sociology Social Sciences
Dr Richard Ogden Language & Linguistics Arts & Humanities
Dr James Walsh Research & Enterprise Business Development
Dr Rachel Curwen Research & Entrprise Research Development for Health & Life Sciences
Dr Philip Kerrigan C2D2 Administrator, Outreach Coordinator & Secretary

What is our strategy?

Our strategy for success is driven forward by investment in four key areas:

Fostering interdisciplinarity

  • Funding innovative interdisciplinary research, translational and outreach projects
  • Introducing a discipline-hopping internship program, to equip our best young scientists for leading roles in inter-disciplinary research
  • Sponsoring interdisciplinary workshops and larger conferences

Innovation and translation

  • Research-priming funding - supporting higher risk innovative research across all disciplines
  • Translational funding - nurturing the uptake of new technologies into the clinic, influencing policy and practice
  • Public engagement funding - funding imaginative new projects that involve individuals beyond academia

Capacity building

  • Enhancing York's capacity for ‘omics’-based research on human populations, including the tools for research in stratified medicine
  • Investing in new facilities for biomedical research
  • Investing in new resources to pursue health-related research in the Social Sciences and the Arts and Humanities

Strength from partnership

  • Extending our regional partnerships
  • Expanding our engagement with global agencies and industry
  • Expanding our engagement with the public, school students and other stakeholders

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General enquiries

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    +44 (0)1904 328876

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