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About the Biological Physical Sciences Institute

Established in 2013 under the stewardship of Professor Mark Leake and rebadged as a network in 2020, the Biological Physical Sciences Interdisciplinary Network (BPSInet) at the University of York serves to stimulate and fund exciting new collaborative activities at the cutting-edge interface between the Physical and Life Sciences, encompassing multiple exceptional research teams across several different departments of the University, including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electronics, HYMS, Mathematics, Psychology and Computer Science.

Our aim is to both facilitate significant interactions between members of the Institute and to seed new external collaborative ventures with other academic institutions and with industries across the globe in order to build a world-leading interdisciplinary institute which can extend the national portfolio of interfacial science, and be genuinely competitive on an international stage.

Our members have international reputations for core biological physics/biophysics research including:

  • biologically-inspired technological applications including bionanotechnology and hybrid bio-electronic devices
  • the development of state-of-the-art novel biophysical instrumentation for addressing challenging biological questions
  • fundamental research of the physical-biological sciences spanning multiple length scales from quantum biology through to single-molecule biophysics
  • single cell physics and the biophysics of cell populations including complex tissues
  • biophysical/mathematical modelling of multiple complex biological phenomena

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