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About the Nanocentre

The York JEOL Nanocentre represents a major collaboration between the University of York, Yorkshire Forward through the European Union and JEOL who are world leaders in electron optics. We have created at the University a world class research and teaching facility. The Nanocentre draws on the combined resources of the Physics, Electronics and Chemistry departments, with Departments of Environmental Sciences, Biology, Heritage management and FERA (Food and Environmental Research Agency) also participating. As well as carrying out high quality nanoscience and materials research and teaching, the York JEOL Nanocentre provides rich opportunities for collaboration with UK industry and external partners.


Delivering scientific excellence.

Mission statement

The York JEOL Nanocentre is an interdisciplinary research and teaching centre at the University of York.  The York JEOL Nanocentre is a cost centre.  It was formally established in 2007 and the flagship instrumentation was accepted in 2008.   In the last few years it has trained more than 250 students and researchers doing BSc, MPhys, MSc, MChem and PhD courses as well as supporting postdoctoral and other  researchers in electron microscopy and different areas of the nanosciences.   Publications from the Nanocentre research include over 200 refereed scientific papers in leading journals. 

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Research and teaching

The Nanocentre is an interdisciplinary research and teaching centre. It provides world-class teaching and research training for young scientists to PhD and full and part-time MSc level, as well as contributing resources to teaching and research projects in the supporting University Departments and more widely.

The Nanocentre also offers a range of short courses which form part of the full and part time higher degree education programme as well as providing economic hands-on training for scientists in industry.

Services for industry

The Nanocentre is an open access, industry facing and "industry first" facility, with published terms and conditions.