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University of York Environmental Sustainability Policy 

As the University of York is a prestigious Russell Group University with over 16,000 students and 3,000 staff we are aware that we have the capability to ensure environmental sustainability through our internationally recognised academic teaching, research programmes, and campus based activities.

The University is in a privileged position in that we closely interact with a wide range of society and industry, and therefore can deliver extensive environmental contributions that can have positive effects locally, nationally and globally. Drawing on our fundamental values we will undertake activities in an environmentally sustainable manner to achieve significant short-term outcomes as well as longer-term indirect impact.

The University is committed to maximising its positive impact and minimising its negative environmental impact in order to help develop a more sustainable world.

Our commitments:

  • Develop our environmental management system to identify environmental opportunities and risks, and ensure continuous improvements in our environmental performance.
  • Take action to aid the protection of the environment and minimise pollution arising from our activities.
  • Comply with all environmental legislation and related regulatory requirements.
  • Increase sound scientific knowledge of environmental sustainability through the scientific research we undertake and the education programmes we provide.

Our objectives:

  • Empower staff and students through environmental awareness and communication.
  • Undertake academic research to benefit environmental sustainability.
  • Develop sustainability within academic courses to benefit students in their future careers and life.
  • Liaise with local community groups, local businesses and residents.
  • Formally identify, record, and control our environmental impacts.
  • Minimise energy and water usage through implementing efficient management and technology to reduce our carbon emissions.
  • Implement a sustainable waste strategy to reduce volumes and divert from landfill.
  • Increasing alternatives and opportunities for sustainable travel for commuting and business.
  • Utilise sustainable design in construction and protect biodiversity in external spaces on campus.
  • Implement mechanisms to promote sustainable procurement.
  • Develop our environmental management system as a mechanism for achieving the above through the adoption of formal objectives and targets.

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