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Summary of funding and expenditure

We receive money from students, governments and other organisations. Students pay for tuition, accommodation and other services. Money is received from Government to support the teaching and research activities of the University. Other organisations pay for tuition, accommodation, research or University commercial activities.

The information here is taken from the University's annual report for 2016.


  • Tuition fees and education contracts include fees from students, whether full-time, part-time or short courses. This also includes income from teaching contract courses and grants for research training support. 
  • Funding council grants are the amounts paid by UK Government via the Funding Council to the University. These funds support teaching, research and specific government initiatives.
  • Research grants and contracts include income from UK research councils, charitable bodies, local authorities and health authorities as well as government and industry. 
  • Other income includes income from residences, catering and conferences as well as other commercial and joint ventures. 
Tuition fees and education contracts £166.1m
Funding council grants


Research grants and contracts £66.0m
Other income
(residences, conferences, etc)

A table showing the University's income for 2017


Expenditure by area

Academic departments £132.9m
Research grants and contracts £40.7m
Academic services (library, IT) £21.3m
Residences, catering and conferences £35.9m
Premises £24.8m
Administration £44.7m
Other expenses £32.2m

A table showing the University's expenditure by area in 2017


Expenditure by type

  • Staff costs are the amounts the University has to pay its staff to teach, conduct research, maintain the estate, provide IT/ Library services and to administer the organisation 
  • Depreciation is the cost of using the property and equipment owned by the University
  • Operating expenses are the amounts paid to suppliers to support the activities of the University, it includes expenditure on equipment, consumables, IT, books, travel, utilities etc
Staff £191.2m
Depreciation £30.4m
Operating expenses £111.0m

A table showing the University's expenditure by type in 2017

More information

This information is condensed from the University's annual reports

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