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Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
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  Professor Peter O'Brien Development of New Methods in Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
  Dr Mustafa Ozel Green Chemistry Associate Lecturer
  Dr Alison Parkin

Electrochemical insights into redox-active metalloproteins, bacterial metabolism and catalysis

  Professor Andrew Parsons

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Education

  Dr Kirsty Penkman

Analytical and environmental geochemistry; Biomolecular archaeology

  Professor Robin Perutz Organometallic Photochemistry, Small Molecule Activation, Catalysis and Solar Fuels
  Dr David Pugh Associate Lecturer
  Dr Ruth Purvis Independent Fellow
  Dr Andrew Rickard Atmospheric chemistry
  Dr Anne Routledge Bio-organic chemistry
  Dr Julia Sarju Associate Lecturer
  Dr Angelika Sebald Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
  Dr Seishi Shimizu Solvents, solvation, and solubility; Statistical thermodynamics of biomolecules, drugs, and food
  Dr John Slattery Ionic liquids, computational chemistry and main-group chemistry
  Professor David Smith

Dendrimer, supramolecular and nanoscale chemistry

  Dr Christopher Spicer

Lecturer in Chemistry

  Dr Moray Stark Chemical Safety, Chemical Education Research, Fuels and Lubricant Chemistry

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