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Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
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  Professor Peter O'Brien Development of New Methods in Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
  Dr Alison Parkin

Electrochemical insights into redox-active metalloproteins, bacterial metabolism and catalysis

  Professor Andrew Parsons

Organic Chemistry and Chemical Education

  Professor Kirsty Penkman

Analytical and environmental geochemistry; Biomolecular archaeology

  Dr David Pugh Associate Lecturer
  Dr Ruth Purvis Independent Fellow
  Dr Andrew Rickard Atmospheric chemistry
  Dr Anne Routledge Bio-organic chemistry
  Dr Julia Sarju Lecturer
  Dr Seishi Shimizu Solvents, solvation, and solubility; Statistical thermodynamics of biomolecules, drugs, and food
  Dr John Slattery Ionic liquids, computational chemistry and main-group chemistry
  Professor David Smith

Dendrimer, supramolecular and nanoscale chemistry

  Dr Christopher Spicer

Lecturer in Chemistry

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