Dr Glenn Hurst

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) Chemical Education

01904 322842
Email: glenn.hurst@york.ac.uk



I completed my MChem at Durham University followed by a PhD in polymer chemistry at Newcastle University. I love teaching and I joined the Department of Chemistry at the University of York in 2014 as an Associate Lecturer. I was promoted to a Lecturer in 2017. My role comprises of developing innovative teaching and scholarship within the Department, the School of Natural Sciences and the University.

Departmental Roles

  • Director of Studies for Natural Sciences in Chemistry
  • Practical Course Coordinator for Natural Sciences in Chemistry
  • Joint Practical Course Coordinator for Year 2 Advanced Synthesis
  • Group Exercises Coordinator
  • Postgraduates who Teach and Graduate Teaching Assistant Training Coordinator
  • Member of the Staff Student Forum

University Roles

  • Member of University Senate (2015-2017)
  • Member of Learning and Teaching Forum (2015-present)
  • Member of the Board of Studies in Academic Practice (2014-present)
  • York Learning and Teaching Award Supervisor (2016-present)



My research interests are in the field of chemistry education at all levels. Current areas of investigation include:

  • Active teaching and student engagement
  • Blended learning and assessment
  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Developing independent practical skills
  • Green and sustainable chemistry in the curriculum
  • Teacher training in the sciences
  • New outreach initiatives


Please establish contact with me if you are interested in working together on projects in chemical education at the primary, secondary or tertiary level if you wish to:

  • Complete a PhD and are self-funded
  • Complete an MChem/BSc York research project
  • Work with me for a paid/voluntary summer internship


  • An App for Applicants
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  • Green and Smart: Hydrogels to Facilitate Independent Practical Learning Invited Article in Special Issue
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  • Using Greener Gels to Explore Rheology.
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  • An interdisciplinary summer for interdisciplinary students
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  • GRASPing opportunities for our postgraduate and undergraduate students
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  • Inclusive postgraduate teaching in the Department of Chemistry.
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  • Electroless deposition of multi-functional zinc oxide surfaces displaying photoconductive, superhydrophobic, photowetting, and antibacterial properties.
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  • Using electron induced dissociation (EID) on an LC time-scale to characterize a mixture of analogous small organic molecules.
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Lecturer of the following courses: Stereochemistry, Aromatic Chemistry and Organic Carbonyls, NMR, Electronic, Vibrational and Rotational Spectra, “Designer” Polymers

  • MChem (York)/MChem (Industry)/BSc project supervisor (blended learning, assessment, outreach etc)
  • Senior Demonstrator across all subjects
  • Support teaching for chemists, biochemists and natural scientists


  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Training Coordinator
  • York Learning and Teaching Award Supervisor

Other Teaching

  • Facilitate training sessions at the University PGWT programme for the York Learning and Teaching Award
  • Staff development workshops on innovative teaching
  • Continuing professional development training with industrial participation through RenewChem

External Activity


  • Royal Society of Chemistry - Chair: Tertiary Education Group Committee
  • Royal Society of Chemistry - Local Section Committee


  • JISC Higher Education Social Media Superstar