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Dr Ruth Purvis

Phone: 01904 321214

Dr Ruth Purvis is a NCAS research fellow working in air quality in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories.

NCAS is a NERC collaborative centre that exists to perform core strategic research into atmospheric composition, to facilitate and coordinate research in this area, and to integrate that research into relevant activities in the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) and in NERC as a whole. For more details on NCAS see:


Ruth’s recent research has been in the area of oil and gas emissions both onshore and offshore. She is part of the Environmental Baseline Team who are currently conducting an independent environmental baseline monitoring programme in the Vale of Pickering, North Yorkshire and Lancashire, both areas where planning permission has been granted for hydraulic fracturing. The monitoring is allowing characterisation of the environmental baseline before any hydraulic fracturing and gas exploration or production takes place and includes partners from BGS, PHE, Universities of Bristol and Manchester.

She also uses the UK research aircraft ( to measure atmospheric emissions offshore in the North Sea.

Career Summary

Ruth completed a PhD looking at the distribution of non methane hydrocarbons in the free troposphere at the University of Leeds.  After a brief PDRA position at the University of York, she spent 4 years working as an Atmospheric Chemist at the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements. She moved to a NCAS research scientist position researching air quality in 2008.


Selected publications (for a full list see the York Research database link in the right-hand column)

  • Environmental Baseline Monitoring Project. Phase II, final report. Ward, R.S.; Smedley, P.S.; Allen, G.; Baptie, B.J.; Daraktchieva, Z.; Horleston, A.; Jones, D.G.; Jordan, C.J.; Lewis, A.; Lowry, D.; Purvis, R.M.; Rivett, M.O., British Geological Survey, 163pp. 2017, (OR/17/049)
  • Site selection strategy for environmental monitoring in connection with shale-gas exploration: Vale of Pickering, Yorkshire and Fylde, Lancashire. SMEDLEY, P L, WARD, R S, ALLEN, G, BAPTIE, B, DARAKTCHIEVA, Z, JONES, D G, JORDAN, C J, PURVIS, R M AND CIGNA, F. 2015. British Geological Survey Open Report, OR/15/067. 22 pp.
  • Spatially resolved flux measurements of NOx from London suggest significantly higher emissions than predicted by inventories. A.R Vaughan, J.D Lee, P.K Misztal, S Metzger, M.D Shaw, A.C Lewis, R.M Purvis, D.C Carslaw, A.H Goldstein, C.N Hewitt, B Davison, S.D Beevers, & T.G Karl., Faraday Discussions. 189, 455- 473, 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C5FD00170F



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