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Kinetics and Photochemistry

Terry is a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry and Faraday College Director of Studies; teaching core chemistry courses "First Law of Thermodynamics", "Errors and Uncertainties" and "Processes at Solid Surfaces". Terry's research is largely experimental, based in the Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories and in the laser laboratories at the Department of Chemistry. 


Terry’s research is directed towards a detailed understanding of gas-phase free-radical chemistry. Radicals initiate the removal of atmospheric organics; understanding radical chemistry is crucial to assess the impact of emissions on air quality, chemistry and climate, and to confidently predict future trends.

In lab-based experiments we study key reactions controlling radical initiation, propagation and termination in atmospheric and combustion systems. Techniques include laser photolysis, fast-flow systems, and environmental chambers. Resulting such as rate / equilibrium coefficients, product yields and quantum yields are used to represent chemistry in atmospheric or combustion models.

Terry’s group have most recently been researching atmospheric radical lifetimes, indoor air chemistry, and organic molecules on breath. 

Career Summary

Terry was appointed Lecturer in Physical Chemistry at York in 2013. Prior affiliations:


Selected publications (for a full list see the York Research database link in the right-hand column)

  • Temperature dependent rate coefficients for the reactions of the hydroxyl radical with the atmospheric biogenics isoprene, α-pinene and Δ-3-careneDillon, T. J., Dulitz, K., Gross, C. M. B., and Crowley, J. N., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 2017, DOI: 10.5194/acp-2017-561.
  • Direct measurements of OH and other product yields from the HO2  + CH3C(O)O2 reaction. Winiberg, F.A.F., Dillon, T.J., Orr, S.C., Groß, C.B.M., Bejan, I., Brumby, C.A., Evans, M.J., Smith, S.C., Heard, D.E., and Seakins, P.W., Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 16, 4023-4042, 2016, DOI: 10.5194/acp-16-4023-2016.
  • Pressure dependent OH yields in the reactions of CH3CO and HOCH2CO with O2. Groß, C.B.M., Dillon, T.J. and Crowley,J. N., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16, 10990-10998, DOI: 10.1039/C4CP01108B

Invited Presentations

  • Atmospheric radical recycling via reactions of organic peroxyl radicals. 23rd International Symposium on Gas Kinetics, Szeged, 2014.
  • Isoprene oxidation in clean air - experiments to find OH recycling routes. 32eme Réunion annuelle du Groupe de Cinétique et Photochimie, Bordeaux, 2012.
  • Radical recycling via the reactions of peroxyl radicals.International Conference on Atmospheric Chemistry Mechanisms, Davis USA, 2010.



  • Jacob Shaw
  • Fiona Whiting
  • Josh Boothroyd
  • Katherine Newton
  • Jeremy Wardle


  • Anjitha S.K. Geetha
  • Tom Dykes


Terry continues to work closely with scientists in other leading centres of atmospheric chemistry research:

Terry is a convenor for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly.

Terry was Chairman of the local organising committee for the 24th International Symposium on Gas Kinetics, in York, July 2016.

Terry is Treasurer of the RSC Gas Kinetics Discussion Group and a Member of the RSC Faraday Division Council

Dr Terry Dillon

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