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Dr Stephen Andrews

Phone: +44 (0)1904 321215
NCAS Instrument Engineering Manager/ WACL senior technical specialist

Research Interests

Accurate measurements are the cornerstone on which atmospheric chemistry knowledge is built. From the deepest oceans to the highest altitudes, analytical equipment has enabled us to determine oceanic and atmospheric composition: driving climate models and furthering our understanding of the world in which we all inhabit.                                                                  

My experience in analytical instrumentation is built upon extensive field experience and a global network of expert contacts. Harsh environments are the norm, with systems deployed in the Arctic Ocean, South East Asian rainforests and on board research aircraft, to name a few. My research strives to forward the analytical state of the art. This includes revision and improvements of existing techniques, but also novel technologies to address current climate issues.

Currently, we are building a new, cutting edge, high resolution GC-ToF mass spectrometer as part of a £49m mid-life upgrade to the UK large research aircraft.

Selected Publications

Dr Stephen Andrews

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