Professor Peter O'Brien

01904 322535

Development of New Methods in Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry

The O’Brien group’s research focuses on the development of new methods for organic synthesis. Projects in the group aim to develop novel, selective and synthetically useful methods that are technically simple, high yielding and robust. A key area is asymmetric and mechanistic organolithium chemistry and we apply the newly developed methodology to the synthesis of common motifs in blockbuster pharmaceuticals. We also synthesise novel 3-D fragments for use in fragment-based drug chemistry. 

Current research projects are focused in two areas:

Synthesis of Nitrogen and Oxygen Heterocycles using Organolithium Reagents

Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of 3-D Fragments

  • Other Research

We also have on-going projects in the areas of spirocycle synthesis, fragment-based discovery of enzyme activators and the development of new synthetic methods using electrochemically generated radicals. 


Selected recent publications

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