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Professor Helen Sneddon

01904 322840


Helen Sneddon is Professor of Sustainable Chemistry and Director of the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence (GCCE) – a leading international academic facility for the provision of excellence in green and sustainable chemical technologies, processes and products.

Helen's research interests include:

Sustainable Synthesis  

Helping chemists choose the “greenest” conditions for a given transformation. How do we know which conditions are better? This includes a comparison of metrics, use of statistical methods, for example, Design of Experiments (DoE) to scope reaction space, and the development and application of solvent and reagent selection guides.  This work seeks to overcome years of precedent as to what are the default conditions for common transformations.  It is easy for precedence to build simply because of previous publication, and defaults in many cases did not arise through proper optimisation of what was available at the time, far less take new solvents, reagents or technologies into account.

A. Jordan, K. D. Whymark, J. Sydenham and H. F. Sneddon, Green Chem., 2021, 23, 6405-6413


Are Carbon-halogen bonds always necessary?  When they are, how can they be installed as sustainably as possible? Can we improve design for degradation? Of the top 200 best selling drugs in 2020, 47 contain halogens, showing their current important role.