Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
H to N

  Dr Meghan Halse Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy
  Dr Jacqueline Hamilton Atmospheric chemistry, Analytical chemistry
  Professor Roderick E Hubbard Structure-based drug discovery
  Professor Neil Hunt  Physical chemistry
  Dr Glenn Hurst Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Chemical Education
  Dr Peter B Karadakov Modern valence-bond theory and chemical reactivity; Ab initio calculation of NMR properties
  Professor Brendan Keely Mass spectrometry; Environmental organic chemistry; Geochemistry
  Dr Aneurin J Kennerley Neuroimaging
  Professor James Lee Atmospheric chemistry
  Professor Alastair Lewis Atmospheric chemistry
  Dr Nigel Lowe

Lecturer specialising in personal skills development

Director of Teaching and Learning

  Dr Jason M Lynam Transition metal and main group chemistry
  Dr Duncan Macquarrie Heterogeneous catalysis; Green chemistry: development and applications of novel organic-inorganic hybrid materials
  Dr Avtar Matharu Green and Sustainable Chemistry: biobased chemicals, processes and materials
  Dr Sarah Moller

NERC Research Fellow

  Dr John Moore Spectroscopy and photochemistry in solution
  Professor Michael North Green organic chemistry