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Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
D to G

  Professor Gideon Davies Structural enzymology and carbohydrate chemistry
  Professor Caroline Dessent Physical chemistry of gas-phase biological ions; Gas-phase inorganic chemistry; Mass spectrometry
  Dr Terry Dillon Kinetics and photochemistry
  Dr Richard Douthwaite

Molecular and materials chemistry, photocatalysis

  Professor Simon Duckett Organometallic chemistry and reaction mechanisms
  Dr Thomas Dugmore

Associate Lecturer

  Professor Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair

Metal ions in biology and medicine

  Dr Pete Edwards Independent Fellow
  Professor Mat Evans Atmospheric Chemistry
  Professor Ian Fairlamb Transition metals in synthesis, catalysis and chemical biology: reactivity, mechanism and applications
  Dr Martin Fascione Chemical glycobiology, synthetic carbohydrate chemistry,  chemical/enzymatic modification of proteins
  Professor Dame Pratibha Gai Surface science; Catalysis; Nanomaterials; Atomic processes; Electron microscopy developments
  Dr Brian Grievson Senior Lecturer, MChem Industrial Placements
  Professor Gideon Grogan Structure, function and application of novel biocatalysts

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