Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
D to G

  Professor Gideon Davies Structural enzymology and carbohydrate chemistry
  Dr Caroline Dessent Physical chemistry of gas-phase biological ions; Gas-phase inorganic chemistry; Mass spectrometry
  Dr Terry Dillon Kinetics and photochemistry
  Dr Richard Douthwaite

Molecular and materials chemistry, photocatalysis

  Professor Simon Duckett Organometallic chemistry and reaction mechanisms
  Professor Anne-Kathrin Duhme-Klair

Metal ions in biology and medicine

  Dr Pete Edwards Independent Fellow
  Professor Mat Evans Atmospheric Chemistry
  Professor Ian Fairlamb Transition metals in synthesis, catalysis and chemical biology: reactivity, mechanism and applications
  Dr Martin Fascione Chemical glycobiology, synthetic carbohydrate chemistry,  chemical/enzymatic modification of proteins
  Professor Dame Pratibha Gai Surface science; Catalysis; Nanomaterials; Atomic processes; Electron microscopy developments
  Dr Brian Grievson Senior Lecturer, MChem Industrial Placements
  Professor Gideon Grogan Structure, function and application of novel biocatalysts