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Academic, Teaching and Independent Fellows
A to C

  Dr Jon Agirre Independent Fellow
  Professor Fred Antson

Protein-nucleic acid interactions

Chair of Graduate School

  Dr Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro Molecular Materials Chemistry
  Dr Martin Bates

Simulation of liquid crystals and complex systems

  Dr Jamie Blaza


  Professor Duncan W Bruce

Materials Chemistry

Head of Department

  Professor Marek Brzozowski Structural endocrinology; Membrane proteins; Development of methods for protein crystallisation
  Professor Lucy J Carpenter

Atmospheric chemistry

Deputy Head Research

  Dr David Carslaw Urban air pollution
  Dr Victor Chechik

Mechanistic chemistry of free radicals; EPR spectroscopy; functional nanoparticles.

  Professor James Clark Green chemistry
  Professor Paul A. Clarke

Total Synthesis of Natural Products, Prebiotic Chemistry and Origins of Life

  Dr Martin Cockett

High-resolution laser spectroscopy with electrons and ions 

Deputy Head of Department

  Dr Stephen Cowling Independent Fellow
  Professor Kevin Cowtan
Automated protein structure solution

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