Experimental Officers and Technicians

All telephone numbers have York (01904) dialling code

NameRoomTelephoneEmail address
Laboratory and Facilities Manager's Office
Dr Simon Breeden C/A135 322513


General queries: chem-opsman@york.ac.uk

Stephen Hau Stores 322521 steve.hau@york.ac.uk
Mike Keogh Stores 322521 michael.keogh@york.ac.uk
Mechanical Workshop
Stuart Murray C/A006 322518 stuart.murray@york.ac.uk
Matthew Popely C/A006 322514 matty.popely@york.ac.uk
Mark Roper C/A006 322514 mark.roper@york.ac.uk
Electronics Workshop
Chris Rhodes C/A039 322510


General enquiries: chem-electronics@york.ac.uk

Timothy Ayers C/A039 322510


General enquiries: chem-electronics@york.ac.uk

Glass Workshop
Abigail Mortimer (Adoption Leave) C/A012 322504 abigail.mortimer@york.ac.uk
Heather Fish C/A171 322506 heather.fish@york.ac.uk
Alexander Heyam C/A172A 3224531 alex.heyam@york.ac.uk
Mass Spectrometry
Karl Heaton C/D008 322519 karl.heaton@york.ac.uk
Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography Service
Adrian Whitwood C/A009 322502 adrian.whitwood@york.ac.uk
Elemental Analysis
Graeme McAllister C/D209 328780 graeme.mcallister@york.ac.uk
Computing and Audio Visual
Adrian Whitwood C/A138 324535 adrian.whitwood@york.ac.uk
Nick Moriarty C/A138 323484 nick.moriarty@york.ac.uk
Mark Tolley C/A138 324186 mark.tolley@york.ac.uk
Research Laboratories
Dr Laurence Abbott C/A051 324525 laurence.abbott@york.ac.uk
Dr Stephen Andrews WACL/114 321215 stephen.andrews@york.ac.uk
Dr Victoria Annis CHM/009 325886 victoria.annis@york.ac.uk
Christopher Anthony WACL/116 324754 chris.anthony@york.ac.uk
Dr Edmund Bergström C/D008 322571 ed.bergstrom@york.ac.uk
Dr Elena Blagova B/K251 328269/328799 lena.blagova@york.ac.uk
Juliet Borgia B/K234 328268 juliet.borgia@york.ac.uk
Dr Suranjana Bose C/F120 324549 suranjana.bose@york.ac.uk
Dr Hannah Briers C/F127 324972 hannah.briers@york.ac.uk
Maria Chechik B/L019 328658/328662 maria.chechik@york.ac.uk
Amanda Dixon C/A/133 323056 amanda.dixon@york.ac.uk
Dr Emma Dux C/D015 322673 emma.dux@york.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte Elkington C/E114 322584 charlotte.elkington@york.ac.uk
Dr James Firth C/E114 322584 james.firth@york.ac.uk
Orsolya Frittmann B/K234 328268 orsolya.frittmann@york.ac.uk
Dr Richard Gammons C/F120 324549 richard.gammons@york.ac.uk
Simon Grist B/K234 328268/328275 simon.grist@york.ac.uk
Louise Haigh B/K234 328268 louise.haigh@york.ac.uk
Sam Hart B/K063 328251/328274 sam.hart@york.ac.uk
Dr James Hopkins WACL/116 324754 jim.hopkins@york.ac.uk
Christopher Horbaczewskyj C/E114 & C/E102 2584 chris.horbaczewskyj@york.ac.uk
Dr Naser Jasim C/E110 322541 naser.jasim@york.ac.uk
Dr Richard John CHM/009 328887 richard.john@york.ac.uk
Dr Iman Khazal C/E110 322541/322538 iman.khazal@york.ac.uk 
Tim Kirk B/K234 328810 tim.kirk@york.ac.uk
Elena Martin Arenos C/G116 324754 elena.martinarenos@york.ac.uk
Dr Graeme McAllister C/D209 328780 graeme.mcallister@york.ac.uk
Wendy Offen B/K151 328278/328275 wendy.offen@york.ac.uk
Samantha Presslee C/D024 4472 sam.presslee@york.ac.uk
Shalini Punjabi WACL/116 324757 shalini.punjabi@york.ac.uk
Dr Katie Read WACL/116 322565 katie.read@york.ac.uk
Dr Daniel Shaw C/A057 324541 danny.shaw@york.ac.uk
Sheila Taylor C/D024/016/017 324472 sheila.taylor@york.ac.uk
Dr Johan Turkenburg B/K063 328251 johan.turkenburg@york.ac.uk
Julia Walton C/B012 324384 julia.walton@york.ac.uk
Dr Martyn Ward WACL/114 324753 martyn.ward@york.ac.uk
Jing Wood (Waste & Safety) C/B012 322717 jing.wood@york.ac.uk
Dr Stuart Young WACL/116 324759 stuart.young@york.ac.uk
Teaching Laboratories
Liza Binnington C/F010 324958/322530 liza.binnington@york.ac.uk
Helen Burrell C/F010 324956/322530 helen.burrell@york.ac.uk
Dr Charlotte Elkington C/F010 324957/322530 charlotte.elkington@york.ac.uk
Katriona Harrison C/B103 325872 kat.harrison@york.ac.uk
Nick Heywood C/B103 325872 nick.heywood@york.ac.uk
Dr Phil Helliwell C/F009 324475/322530 phil.helliwell@york.ac.uk
Dr Scott Hicks C/F010 324958/322530 scott.hicks@york.ac.uk
Max Hill C/B103 325872 max.hill@york.ac.uk
Sofia Skott C/F010 324958/322530 sofia.skott@york.ac.uk