Your network of support services help you get the best from your time at York.

Your support network

Your college and your academic supervisor are at the heart of your support network, alongside student support services and your Students' Union. They'll help and advise you, or refer you to other appropriate support services in the University.

As well as the support teams mentioned below, we can also provide specialist advice and support for specific student groups.

College team

Your college provides a focus for social and community life and also help with day-to-day matters. Your college tutor and team are there to help you settle in. They can help with issues relating to college life, accommodation and activities. Your elected student representative also provides community leadership for your college.

As a first year undergraduate student, you'll also be guided by some of our second and third year students (known as STYCs). They'll welcome and support you in your transition to York.

Academic supervisor

A member of your teaching department will act as your supervisor throughout your course. They will advise you on your academic progress and can help with your personal development, or signpost you to other services within the University. You will meet up regularly through the academic year, so they will be familiar with your academic work and personal interests.

We also offer specialist workshops to improve your writing, maths, communication and IT skills.

Managing your money

Before you get here

Knowing you have your finances under control means you can relax and enjoy your studies. Use our fees and funding pages and living cost guides to plan your budget and research funding opportunities.

Tuition fees:

Living costs:

During your studies

To earn extra cash and learn valuable skills you could consider working while studying such as taking a part-time job or an internship.

If you find yourself in financial difficulty during your studies our Student Advisers can provide advice and support. You may also be able to apply for a hardship fund.

Student Hub

You can talk to a range of specialist advisers and practitioners at the Student Hub in the centre of campus. They can provide advice and information to help you manage your wellbeing as well as guidance and information on practical matters such as:

  • Private sector housing in York
  • Employment rights and consumer issues
  • Money matters
  • Childcare
  • Visas and immigration advice.
Disability Services

We're committed to providing the best possible support for students with a disability or Specific Learning Difficulty. Our experienced specialist advisers can offer advice and guidance for students with a range of disabilities including:

  • Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties
  • Asperger syndrome
  • Visual and hearing impairments
  • Mental health difficulties
  • Mobility impairments
  • Long term health conditions.

Contact us for advice on reasonable adjustments to teaching, assessments, and exams. We can also provide study skills support and referral to other support services within the University.

Health Centre

You can see a doctor or nurse on campus at the University Health Centre.

You can register for the practice online. If you take any medication, have a long term health condition or disability you should contact them before you arrive, so they can help you make a smooth transition.

Someone to talk to

Our Open Door Team of mental health practitioners are available for confidential advice on improving your wellbeing. If you're concerned about yourself, or someone else, they're here to help. They can work in tandem with the NHS, your GP or other services if you're receiving therapeutic or medical help for a long-term condition. The Open Door Team provide assistance and advice for study but are not able to provide therapeutic intervention.

Nightline is run by students for students. They provide a confidential listening and information service from 8pm to 8am.

Mind Your Head is a volunteer-led mental health campaign that aims to promote knowledge and understanding of mental health difficulties. The campaign aims to ensure that every student is able to easily find information; and help shape and access the support that is needed for managing their mental health state.

Students’ Union (YUSU)

If you need help or support relating to your course or personal matters, you can seek independent and confidential advice, and information from YUSU's Advice and Support Centre.

Graduate Students' Association

We're one of only a few universities in the UK to have an independent student-led association specifically for postgraduates. The Graduate Students' Association will help you settle in and can offer impartial advice on academic and personal matters.

Support for researchers

Our York Graduate Research School supports a community of over 2,000 research students. They'll help to ensure you receive the highest quality supervision and training and that you're set up to succeed and make an impact.

Enhancing your career

From the moment you arrive at York, you'll be encouraged to prepare for your future career through a range of opportunities that will expand your study. Take advantage of our links with employers and alumni, learn a new language, study abroad, or grow your idea for a fledgling business.

Faith, chaplaincy, spiritual and cultural support

Our three Christian chaplains are available to people of all faiths and none. Alongside our chaplaincy we have a range of contacts from other world faiths. You can also access a number of dedicated spaces for prayer and reflection on campus.

There are also a number of student societies dedicated to celebrating and exploring world faiths, such as the Jewish Society, the Christian Union and the Society, just to name a few. All students are welcome to join from devout believer to just curious. There is also a student-led Meditation Society.

Cultural student societies such as the African Caribbean Society, Chinese Society, Polish Society, and Saudi Students Society are a great way to meet other people from your country. These groups are open to all students no matter where you're from. You can learn about different cultures and traditions, receive informal language training and try out different world cuisines!

Search student societies

Additional support for specific student groups

As well as the services listed above, we can provide additional support for specific student groups.

I'm a mature student

If you're not entering university straight from school or college you may have different needs. Saying that there is no such thing as a typical mature student at York. They come from a variety of backgrounds and bring skills gained from work, family and other life experiences and are often some of our most well-equipped students.

UCAS defines a mature student as any student who is over the age of 21 when they start their studies.

Someone to talk to

Adapting to university life can be challenging for any student, perhaps more so if you've been out of education for a few years, or if you have to juggle studying alongside other commitments. Our support network is here for you should you need it, whether you want to talk about study matters or any personal difficulties you may be having.

Study support

We also offer specialist workshops to improve your writing, maths, communication and IT skills.

Mature Students' Association

The Mature Students' Association (MSA) is a student-run group. They organise events during Welcome Week to help you settle in and meet other mature students. They also run socials and events throughout the year; represent students’ interests and offers help with any issues.

Ask the MSA a question on Facebook

Tuition fees and funding

You're eligible for the same tuition fees and funding options as any prospective student:

Applying to York

You need to follow the same application processes as any prospective student:

For more information about returning to learning you may also be interested in downloading our guide:  Return to learning (PDF  , 422kb)

I have children

Our Family Network and support services are here for you should you need them. We can also help you find accommodation and provide advice on childcare and schools in York.

Family Network

Our Family Network helps students with children and their spouses to meet, socialise, share information and advice, and have fun. You can join other university families for events and trips and come along to our weekly under 5s session.

Contact the Family Network on Facebook


The Ofsted registered York Campus Nursery and pre-school provides places for 30 children per session aged two to five years and nine children in the baby unit. As the on-campus nursery is small most students opt for other childcare options:


Where your child can go to school is based on where you live. So you could research schools first and then accommodation, or the other way around.

You could also ask the Family Network ( for advice on local schools.


We have properties on and off campus to house families and we work with the York Housing Association (YHA) to provide even more family accommodation. We prioritise certain students according to our allocation policy, so you should also look into private sector accommodation.

Funding and financial support

You're eligible for the same funding options as any prospective student:

You may also be eligible for:

I'm an international student

As well as accessing all the general support that's on offer, we can provide you with additional support to help you adapt to studying in a foreign country.

I'm a care leaver

Single point of contact

You'll have access to a single point of contact both before you get here and during your studies at York. Our care leavers' contact can:

  • Help with any questions you may have about our courses and what it's like to study at York
  • Act as a link between you and your local authority if you wish
  • Facilitate a visit to the University for you and your carer or a key worker
  • Offer emotional and practical support throughout your studies and direct you to other appropriate University services.

Care leavers' contact
Nicola Browne
+44 (0)1904 324334

Applying to York

You will need to follow the same application process as any prospective student. However, we can provide additional support if you wish. For example, you may be interested in the York Access Scheme which provides support for applicants who have faced challenging circumstances.


You can stay in university accommodation during the holidays (Christmas, Easter and summer vacation) if you wish.

Funding and financial support

You may be entitled to the Care Leaver and Foyer Bursary to help with tuition fees and living costs. You're also eligible for the same funding options as any prospective student.

Study support

We offer specialist workshops to improve your writing, maths, communication and IT skills.

Useful links

I have caring responsibilities

Someone to talk to

Juggling caring responsibilities with studying can be challenging. If you need someone to talk to there is lots of support on offer at York. We also provide drop-in sessions on campus with York Carers Centre.

Study support

We offer specialist workshops to improve your writing, maths, communication and IT skills.

Applying to York

You need to follow the same application process as any prospective student. However we can provide additional support if you wish. For example, you may be interested in the York Access Scheme which provides support for applicants who have faced challenging circumstances.

Funding and benefits

You're eligible for the same funding options as any prospective student.

You're unlikely to be eligible for the carers allowance (as you'll probably be studying more than 21 hours per week). However, the person who you're caring for is likely to be eligible for benefits. So it's a good idea to ensure they're claiming what they're entitled to.