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Having a Student Buddy

Request a Student Buddy 

If you are starting an undergraduate course at York in Autumn 2021 you can request a Student Buddy once you have completed the online enrolment task. 

Your Student Buddy will share their own university experiences with you and be on hand (either in person or over email) with friendly advice, whether it's telling you where a certain room is on campus; reassuring you that juggling family life and university is possible or telling you where to get the best cup of coffee on campus!

What to Expect

What to Expect

Student Buddies are current students who have volunteered to help you settle into university life at York. Your Student Buddy will share their own University experiences with you as well as offering friendly advice in response to any questions or concerns you might have. 

Providing you request a Student Buddy before the end of August, your Student Buddy will contact you a few weeks before your course starts and stay in regular contact with you throughout the Autumn term. 

Your Student Buddy will have completed training and will also have the support of an experienced Lead Buddy as well as the Buddying Scheme Co-ordinator. 

Some of the things you might like to talk to your Student Buddy about include: 

  • What Welcome Week will be like
  • What to bring with you to University
  • The different things you can get involved in at University 
  • Ways to meet other likeminded students
  • Tips on studying at university level and the differences between school/ college study and university study
  • Where you can go to get support
  • The best place to go on campus for a coffee
  • Different things to do in and around York

If you have any questions please contact Nicola Browne, the Student Buddying Scheme Co-ordinator, by emailing

Requesting a Buddy

Requesting a Buddy

If you will be starting an undergraduate course at York in Autumn 2021 you can request a Student Buddy anytime from Monday 2nd August (once you have completed the online enrolment task) until the end of October. This means that, if once you're studying here you think you would benefit from the extra support of a Student Buddy, it's not too late to get involved in the scheme. 

If you would like to hear from your Student Buddy a few weeks prior to the start of term then you need to have completed the Buddy Request Form by the end of August. Students who request a Student Buddy in September or October will receive an email from a Student Buddy within a fortnight of their request being submitted. 

One of the questions on the Request a Student Buddy form asks which of the following is the most important to you and we will take this into account when matching you with a Student Buddy:

  • That my Student Buddy has a similar background/ circumstances to me
  • That my Student Buddy has similar interests to me
  • That my Student Buddy is studying in the same department as me

We can't promise that we will be able to match you with a Student Buddy who is studying in the same department as you (because this depends on the number of Buddies and students from your department who are involved in the scheme) but we promise we will match you with a Buddy who is familiar with the campus you are studying on. 



Read what these first year undergraduates told us about their experience of having a Student Buddy in 2021/22:

Owen, History and Politics

I was really anxious about going to university. Luckily, I was able to be in regular contact with my student buddy before I came to York. I was able to ask all those little but key questions that only a student could answer. Having someone who could share their experiences and answer my questions definitely made me more confident coming to York.


Maëlle, Biology

I applied for a student buddy because arriving in a new country where you don't know anyone can be quite difficult at the beginning. It was so helpful and reassuring to have someone to talk to and ask questions about anything. My student buddy was really nice, she regularly checked in with me and invited me for walks around campus. 



Abbie, Archaeology and Heritage

I was quite nervous before coming to university, especially because everything felt so uncertain with the pandemic. I really appreciated having contact with someone from my department beforehand. We met up on my first full day and did a tour of campus, pointing out the places I'd most likely need to find which was such a handy introduction! We were in contact throughout the first term, and it was great to hear from someone who had been through it all before me. 



Carrie, Adult Nursing

Before starting university, I had many questions. . . things about what to wear, lessons, what the assessments were like and placements. Having a student buddy who was studying the same course really helped get the answers I needed. I felt like I had someone to speak to who has been in my shoes and that is more informal than speaking to teaching staff. The buddy I had was amazing, very reassuring and always replied quickly. She made me feel more prepared and confident for when I started university. 



One of our Student Buddies, Yasmin, explains why she thinks all new students should sign up for a Student Buddy:

Opting out

Opting out

If you are matched with a Student Buddy but later decide you no longer wish to be part of the Student Buddying Scheme please email It is absolutely fine to opt out of the scheme but please let us know so your Buddy doesn't continue trying to contact you. 

If you would like to change Student Buddy you can also email and we will match you with a different Buddy.