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What's important to you and what makes you thrive? How do you handle stress, mistakes and failure?

Are you:

  • looking for motivation?
  • feeling stressed?
  • dealing with a setback?
  • not sure how to think about your future?

Use our Success at York Toolkit to develop skills and motivation to ensure you get the most out of your time at York. 


How to decide on goals that are most important to you.


How to be a reflective and strategic thinker and use what you have to your advantage.


How to identify what you can learn about yourself and how to do things differently when you're feeling challenged.


How to continue achieving your goals despite setbacks and also maintain a sense of motivation and passion.

"Failure IS an option; it is required to promote resilience"

Life at university brings opportunities to learn, develop and grow but, with that, also comes the possibility of making mistakes and failure. Resilience is learning to bounce back and recover and, in doing so, enrich your life.

The good news is that resilience is not static and there is lots we can do to improve and strengthen our resilience levels. After using this toolkit, you are more likely to:

  • achieve your academical potential
  • feel more confident and comfortable in social interactions
  • feel able to understand and manage your emotions successfully
  • know what's important to you when planning your future

So what are you waiting for? Explore and try out the activities in the four key areas of the toolkit.