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The University of York 's Student Buddying Schemes help both new home full-time undergraduate students, who belong to our Student Communities, as well as new International full-time undergraduate students to settle into University life and study.

The first scheme was established six years ago after a student reflecting on her first term told us: "I wish I could have been in touch with a student like me who had already been through it and understood"

The Student Buddying Schemes aim to:

  • improve the transition experience for students entering university
  • help students develop a sense of belonging and identity during their time at university
  • reduce the number of students who do not complete their course
  • provide an exciting opportunity for current students to offer support to their peers

Research shows that students are much more likely to speak to a peer about any concerns they have than to seek professional support. Sometimes informal support, such as the Buddying Scheme, can be the first step to someone seeking professional support. More often than not,  just knowing someone cares and being able to talk things through is all that’s needed to start feeling more positive.

By matching new undergraduates with a Student Buddy these students have a first point of contact who will share their own experiences and be on hand with friendly advice. Our trained Student Buddies have all completed at least one year of study at York and so know what it's like to be a student here. 

Our Student Buddies also get a lot out of the scheme as they have the opportunity to learn new things and meet other students. 

If you are a current undergraduate student find out more about Being a Student Buddy

If you are starting an undergraduate course at the University in Autumn 2022 find out more about having a Student Buddy

Being a Student Buddy

Information for current students who are interested in being a Student Buddy. 

Having a Student Buddy

Information for new undergraduate students starting at the University of York in Autumn 2022.

"It's a wonderful experience being able to support someone  . .  as well as making friends with people you might not have otherwise met."

Ellen, 2nd year Archaeology Buddy

"It was brilliant to have a friendly and helpful person who knows what they are doing and who I could turn to if I needed."

Lucy, 1st year Health Sciences student

Other Buddying/ Mentoring Schemes

There are a number of other mentoring/ buddying programmes offered at the University, including several co-ordinated by academic departments.

Students living on campus will also have a STYM (Second and Third Year Mentor). STYMs provide all new undergraduates with a student peer supporter throughout their first year. 

You are welcome to get involved with more than one of these schemes if you wish.

The University also runs a Postgraduate Buddy Scheme for new PhD students

For more information about the Student Buddying Scheme contact: