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Study, work or volunteer abroad

A global experience during your degree can be life-changing. Not only will it enrich your academic studies, it will prepare you for a career in a competitive and global job market.

At York, we aim to provide every student with an opportunity to develop a global perspective whether through study, work or volunteering. This global experience does not necessarily have to take place abroad, there are also ways to get involved here in York.

Why go abroad?

  • Enhance your employability
  • Boost your self-confidence, independence and ambition
  • Broaden your cultural and social perspectives
  • Conquer challenges, solve problems and discover new strengths and abilities
  • Develop your language and communication skills
  • Build up your personal and professional networks


York has links with top academic institutions and employers all over the world, but where you can go may depend on your area of study. You don't have to decide whether you'd like to apply to study, work or volunteer abroad as part of your degree until you arrive at York.

However long you go for, you'll have a challenging and rewarding experience, see a different culture and gain a new set of skills to impress potential employers.

Go for a year

Depending on your area of study the following options may be available:

  • Additional year: your degree would be a year longer and you’d spend the extra year at a partner university or employer.
  • Credit-replacing: your degree would stay the same length and you’d spend one year studying abroad.
  • A small number of departments offer European exchanges for the equivalent of one semester.

Explore study abroad opportunities

Go for the summer

We can help you explore a wide range of life-changing experiences. These could be through volunteering, internships, language and cultural immersion courses and subject-related summer schools.

  • International Study Centres: Immerse yourself with a two week intensive academic and cultural programme at an international partner university.
  • Summer schools: Study a short term course at one of our partner universities.
  • Funding and travel awards: Apply for funding for independent travel opportunities, such as a volunteering project or learning a language.

Learn a language

Build up your language skills and cultural knowledge before you go abroad by joining one of our free language courses. These courses are available to York students who register their interest in studying, working or volunteering abroad through the Centre for Global Programmes.

  • Build your confidence so you can immerse yourself in the life of the host country
  • Equip you with essential phrases to help you engage in everyday activities
  • Make your aware of key cultural aspects to take into consideration
  • Develop your ability to communicate when abroad

What our students say

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