Ready to make new friends and experience something incredible?

Take a summer trip overseas and gain confidence, language skills and plenty of exceptional Instagram opportunities!

Here are a few snaps of our 2018 International Study Centre (ISC) trips:

Gain the experience of a lifetime

Take a short summer course in a fascinating country like America, China, Ghana or Russia with our ISCs. Each year we choose a new set of exciting destinations for you to select from.

ISCs are open to all York students at all levels of study, so you can look forward to meeting lots of interesting people before you even set foot on a plane. 

In just a few weeks

Gain an authentic international experience, without the commitment of a full year or semester overseas. You will spend around two weeks in a group of 20 students from York, exploring new ideas and visiting unforgettable places. 

We develop the course content in partnership with an exceptional host university in the country you will be visiting. This connects you to local knowledge and gives you unique insight into an international culture.

Enhance your career prospects

Make the most of this summer and boost your skill set by taking part in this short academic, cultural and social programme. Potential employers will see that you can communicate with a diverse range of people and bring a global perspective to the workplace. 

Key facts

  • The 2019 ISC cost was £2,250 per student (which could be paid in installments). The cost for 2020 has not yet been set.
  • You can apply for a bursary towards the cost of the ISC
  • ISCs last around 2 weeks

Want a longer trip?

If you would like to spend your whole summer abroad then we can also help you explore a wider range of tempting options. You could consider volunteering or taking part in internships and subject-related summer schools with partner universities. All of these ideas can be explored when you start your journey at York.

Student voices

Some of our current students share their experiences of studying abroad.

Watch on YouTube

Sophie, BA Politics with International Relations (South Africa)

"The spirit of Ghanaians is something that touched many of us on the ISC. Many people dress so beautifully; women wearing wonderful, Ghanaian dresses and men wearing shirts with traditional Ghanaian prints. On the way back to the university, sometimes there were people dancing to music in the villages on the outside of cities. The atmosphere felt like a true community. There was always so many people smiling, too." Read Lottie's blog.

Lottie, BSc Biology (Accra, Ghana, 2019)

"The Mandarin language lessons were fantastic. The teacher was really engaging and so I feel like I now have some grasp of some basic Mandarin, which was particularly useful when shopping on campus. It has proven useful in York as well though, as there are many Chinese students in The York Management School; I now recognise when I am thanked in Mandarin, which is helping me build positive relationships with the wider cohort."

Eleanor, BA Management (Beijing, China, 2018)

"Studying abroad has helped develop my confidence and expanded my group of friends. It was a truly unique opportunity and I’d definitely recommend ISCs in particular as they’re open to most students. Even if you’re a final year, postgraduate or mature student, you can still study abroad – it’s not too late!”

Emily, BA Social and Political Sciences (Washington DC, USA, 2018)

"...before coming on the ISC I didn’t know anyone however over the two weeks I developed friendships I would’ve never thought would be. My fellow ISC students were open, receptive and kind and it was nice to get to know everyone. As the trip progressed I got pushed out of my comfort zone by getting to know new people.... The friendships I have developed will last beyond the ISC and the experience I had will help me with further interactions with new people I meet."

Elijah, BA Environment (Mexico, 2018)

"During our stay, we had the privilege of attending lectures on China’s long history and varied culture... I feel that I have developed a greater understanding of not only China’s past and the processes which have allowed the country to grow to what it is today, but I have also been given an insight into China’s vision for the future... having a deep understanding of Chinese culture will greatly further my future career prospects..."

Michael, BA Electronics (Beijing, China, 2018)