Ready to make new friends and experience something incredible?

We can help you explore a wide-range of overseas experiences outside term time with our short-term global opportunities.

Short-term overseas experiences

If you're looking to get away for a shorter period there are plenty of short-term international experiences to take part in outside term time. This could be through volunteering, internships, language and cultural immersion courses or subject-related and interdisciplinary summer schools.

International Study Centres

Gain the experience of a lifetime with a short summer course through our International Study Centres (ISCs).

Immerse yourself in another culture

experience lectures and excursions to key historical and cultural sites

Get support for your travels

when you apply, you'll get more information about the needs-based bursaries available

Enhance your career prospects

demonstrate your global perspective to employers

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Sophie, BA Politics with International Relations (South Africa)

Travelling with a group of York students, these intensive academic and cultural programmes are perfect for immersing yourself in another culture without the commitment of a full year or semester abroad.

We develop the course content in partnership with an exceptional host university in the country you'll be visiting. This connects you to local knowledge and gives you unique insight into an international culture.

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"The atmosphere felt like a true community. There was always so many people smiling, too. I remember thinking about this on the plane home, reminding myself of the beauty in dressing colourfully and smiling often.

Above all, the friendships I made on the trip is what I will treasure the most. The memories we made together often involve laughter." Read Lottie's blog.

Lottie, BSc Biology (Accra, Ghana, 2019)

Summer schools

York offers a number of places to undergraduate students at summer schools in countries such as Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

Tuition fees may be waived under our reciprocal exchange agreements (additional courses/places may not be covered). You'll need to budget for flights, accommodation, living expenses and visa/medical examination costs.

Destinations for summer schools can change from year to year.

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"During our stay, we had the privilege of attending lectures on China’s long history and varied culture... I feel that I have developed a greater understanding of not only China’s past and the processes which have allowed the country to grow to what it is today, but I have also been given an insight into China’s vision for the future... having a deep understanding of Chinese culture will greatly further my future career prospects..."

Michael, BA Electronics (Beijing, China, 2018)

Independent programmes

We can help you to explore a range of other tempting options, from volunteering to international internships or virtual international internships. Or take a look into going away for a year.

All of these opportunities can be explored when you start your studies at York.

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