We currently exchange students with top-class institutions across Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Australia, Russia and southern Africa. Some departments also offer work placements at host organisations.

Go global

When you arrive at York, you'll be able to attend events and speak to staff about things you should consider when applying to a partner university, including courses, accommodation, finance and funding.

Partner universities may change from year to year so we advise that you think about two or three destinations for your year abroad.

Depending on your degree programme the following options may be available:

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Some departments offer degree programmes with an additional year abroad. These programmes are generally four years with the year abroad in the third year of studies.

This will be clear when applying as your degree will reference the year abroad/in industry in the title. You would then graduate with the year abroad variant of your degree, helping you stand out to employers.

Your degree would stay the same length and you'd travel abroad in your second year through our global exchange programmes.

The majority of these exchanges are open to undergraduate students in any department. A number of departments have developed specific exchanges for their students. Courses which include UK professional requirements (such as Medicine, Law or Psychology) may offer separate exchanges.

On your return to York, the grades you achieved abroad are converted to York grades and credits.

How much does it cost?

Students who study abroad for a year currently pay a significantly reduced tuition fee to York and no tuition fees to the host university.

You may able to apply for funding through the University to help with your cost of living whilst abroad. You will still be eligible to apply for Student Finance.

See full funding and eligibility

Explore more opportunities

Go for the summer

Immerse yourself in another culture with a short term course at one of our partner universities.

Learn a language

Build up your language skills and cultural knowledge before you go with our free language courses.

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