As a York student, you can spend time studying abroad at one of our partner universities across the world. Some courses also offer work placements at host organisations.

Studying abroad lets you experience a completely different academic and social environment. Showing you have experience dealing with people from different cultures, with a higher level of adaptability, allows you to stand out to future employers. You may have two year-long options, depending on your chosen course:

  • Additional year: Usually, this involves taking a year abroad in your third year, then returning for a final year at York – four years in total. Many courses offer this optional additional year studying or working abroad with a partner university or an employer, and it'll be recognised in the title of your degree if you complete it.
  • Credit replacing: Usually, this involves spending your first year at York, then going abroad for your second year. When you return to us for your third year, your overseas studies will count towards your overall York grade. Credit replacing is available on most undergraduate courses that don't involve external accreditation.

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I've definitely changed a lot as a person - I'm much more independent than I was prior to coming here as I've been forced to manage my time and finances in ways I've never really had to before. Being here has also given me a much clearer idea as to what I want to do after my degree, which is amazing because I had literally no idea what I wanted to do before. It really helped me discover what my passions are and what I want my career to be, and where I want to live, too.

Dharshini, Politics, Waseda University

How to apply

You can apply directly for a course with an additional year abroad; most courses also let you add one after you've begun your studies.

When you arrive at York, we'll support you through the process of securing an overseas placement. The opportunities may change from year to year, so it's best to have a few destinations in mind.

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Life in Seoul is so fast-paced – yet so efficient. While it’s hard to plan in advance, the subway, convenience stores and services make anything easy. I’m definitely becoming more spontaneous! My time in Korea has made me a lot more independent, given the new language and culture. Learning Korean is a skill I'm so grateful to have gained.

Rebecca, BA Social and Political Sciences (with a year abroad)

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Immerse yourself with a short course at one of our global partners.

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Gain skills and cultural knowledge with our language courses before you go abroad.