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Global opportunities by subject

Study Abroad. Go Global: enrich your education with a life-changing experience.

Brush up on your language skills before you go abroad by registering for a free Languages For International Mobility course. 

Browse opportunities available to you as part of your programme. Please note that your department may have direct exchange agreements with other universities or there may be other opportunities available, both as part of your degree or over the summer. Speak to your supervisor or departmental co-ordinator.

Partner universities that require a foreign language are listed using the CEFR framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).



When researching global programmes and placements you might hear the following options:


Credit-replacing  = Does not add additional time to your degree but your grades for modules passed at the partner university will be converted back to credit at York using a University of York Grade Conversion Table.

You can apply for this scheme once you have started studying in York and applications will open in the Autumn Term for students to go abroad in the next academic year. For most credit-replacement programmes for undergraduate students you apply in your first year, study abroad in the second year and then return for your third and final year. If accepted on credit-replacing exchange, you must discuss the grade conversion process with your department/supervisor prior to your departure.

Additional Year

Additional Year (also sometimes referred to as a ‘3+1’) = a four-year degree programme where your degree title specifically references the year abroad (or year in industry).  

The majority of these programmes have two years at York, the third year abroad and you then return to York for the fourth and final year. If you are going abroad on a programme with an additional year you must understand how you will be assessed for the time abroad prior to your departure. The assessment for this “additional” year will be confirmed by your department and you will need to speak to them about transferring onto this type of degree programme. It is not possible to transfer onto an additional year programme if you have started a replacement credit year.

If you’re unsure which option you can go abroad for, check with your supervisor, Departmental Co-ordinator or the Global Programmes team.