Accessibility statement

Summer abroad

Make the most of your summer! Summer programmes allow you to get a taste of living and working abroad without committing to a full year, providing an enjoyable experience while enhancing your global awareness and improving employability, leadership and advocacy skills.

You can study a wide range of subjects, meet students from around the globe, and see more of the world - in the space of a few weeks!

Start sorting your summer using the links below and see Summer highlights for information on summer programmes at specific partners.

International Study Centres

  • Open to all students, including finalists and postgraduates
  • Travel as part of a group of York students
  • Spend two to five weeks exploring a topic and visiting areas of interest

Summer Schools

  • Open to undergraduates who are not in their final year
  • Apply through us but travel independently to your destination
  • Certain number tuition fee waived places available, you'll also need to pay for all other costs

Partner & independent programmes

  • Opportunities to study, work or volunteer abroad
  • You are liable for all costs, including tuition fees. Funding may be available for eligible students/programmes

Independent travel awards

  • Apply for funding towards your independent travel project
  • Travel between June and October