Accessibility statement

Finances and funding

To find the most affordable way to take part in a global programme, you will need to do some research about your own financial position, the cost of your programme and destination of choice, and any potential funding available. If you have further questions once you have read through the information below, please email


You are responsible for researching the costs involved in studying or working abroad on your chosen programme at your particular destination ahead of making a commitment. You may be required to pay initial deposits and costs before receiving your grants, so you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover these.  

Tuition Fees 

Students studying or working abroad for a full academic year pay a reduced tuition fee to the University of York.  Students who do not spend a full year abroad continue to pay their usual tuition fee amount to the University of York.  For the latest information on tuition fees, please visit the central fees and funding webpage for undergraduates.

Students studying abroad on credit-replacing exchange or additional year abroad will continue to pay this reduced tuition fee to the University of York and not to the host university.

If you pay a reduced tuition fee to the University of York and normally receive the York Bursary, you will no longer be eligible for the York Bursary while you're abroad. If you continue to pay full tuition fees to the University of York and receive a York Bursary, you will continue to be eligible for this while you're abroad.  


Insurance is there to cover financial loss, in this case due to medical emergencies or loss/theft of personal belongings. The University provides optional free travel insurance cover for students who travel on University business or travel that is connected to study.

Please note that some partner universities, particularly in the USA, may require you to purchase additional cover. Please check the information that they provide for more details.

You may also wish to purchase alternative/additional cover to meet your own requirements.


Visa costs will vary depending on your destination.  It may cost more if you apply late and have to use a fast-track or expedited route (where these are available).  As well as the costs of the visa itself, there may be additional costs, e.g. to obtain supporting evidence such as a medical certificate, to have documents translated, or for expenses related to required appointments.  For some destinations you may need to show that you have a certain amount of money in your bank account when applying for your visa (often referred to as proof of finance) so it is important to research this for your chosen destination.


Research travel costs early on and include them in your budget for the year. Factor the cost of return travel to your host country and consider whether you will want to visit home during the holidays. A year abroad is a fantastic opportunity to explore a new region of the world, so also think about how you might fund travelling and excursions before, during and after your period abroad.  You may also want to budget for, or ensure you have a way to pay for, an unexpected trip home in case of emergency. We also suggest that when you book your ticket for the year abroad you book a flexible return ticket for the end of your time abroad.

Cost of living (accommodation, food, local transport, social events)

Living costs vary from destination to destination and it is important to have an idea of the cost of everyday items. You will need to budget carefully to cover all your living costs, which include accommodation, clothes, transport, books, food and entertainment. 

You should be able to gain information on the cost of living from other students who have previously undertaken the year abroad and through travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Numbeo or Expatistan.  You may also receive useful information provided by your host university.


Please select one of the options below to begin researching the funding that you may be eligible for.

Study Exchange Funding

Work Abroad Funding 

Summer Abroad Funding