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Finances and funding



You’ll need to do some research about your financial position and the cost of your destination of choice to work out if you can afford to do the programme you’re interested in. As a budget starting point, you should factor in the cost of tuition fees, insurance, visa, flights, accommodation, as well as food, local transport and social events. You may be required to pay initial deposits and costs before receiving your grants, so you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover these.

Tuition Fees - Worldwide Exchange and European Exchange

Students participating in Worldwide Exchange or European Exchange will continue to pay their tuition fees to the University of York and not to the host university.  

Students studying or working abroad for a full academic year pay a reduced tuition fee to the University of York. Students who do not spend a full year abroad will continue to pay their usual tuition fee amount to the University of York. For the latest information on tuition fees, please visit the central fees and funding webpage.

If you continue to pay full tuition fees to the University of York and receive a York Bursary, you will continue to be eligible for this whilst you're abroad. If you pay a reduced tuition fee to the University of York and normally receive the York Bursary, you will no longer be eligible for this whilst you're abroad.

Student Finance - Worldwide Exchange and European Exchange

You can continue to apply for any Student Finance loan or maintenance grant that you normally receive and must tell your student finance provider that you’ll be studying or working abroad.

For students entitled to a tuition fee waiver you will find that the tuition fee element of your loan is reduced accordingly. 

Student Finance England have created a video that gives information on what you can receive.

York Futures Scholarship 

Due to the generous donations of York Alumni, the York Futures Scholarship programme is able to offer funding of up to £6000 for students studying abroad in 2020/21. For further information on application deadlines and criteria please see the York Futures web pages

Travel Grant

You may be eligible to receive funding from your student finance provider towards expenses including travel to your overseas institution, visas and insurance.  Please check your student finance provider's web pages for full information.  

Student Finance England 

Student Finance Wales

Student Finance Scotland

Student Finance Northern Ireland 

You can also contact Student Advisers in the Student Hub for more information about student finance.

European Exchange

European exchange / European work placements

Erasmus+ Grant 2020/21 

We have had our Erasmus programme extended, and we are still funding students on eligible placements in 2020/21. If you are studying or working in Europe (excluding Switzerland) on one of our programmes in 2020/21, you can find full details of the grant rates for 2020/21, eligibility and paperwork requirements, and arrangements for payment in Mobility Online.  See 'Student Guide 5 - Finances and Funding' in the 'Documents to Download' section. 

Going on a European study or work placement in 2021/22?

You should continue to apply for your study/work placement in the usual way with your department or Careers for the Placement Year.  We may be able to fund students on placements in 2021/22 and the Global Programmes Team will get in touch with nominated students in spring/summer 2021 if further information is required to help us allocate any funding we may have available. 

Any questions about Erasmus+ funding? Please contact

For the latest Brexit updates and support visit

Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

Erasmus+ Grants are not available for placements in Switzerland.  Students on study placements at partner universities in Switzerland in 2020/21 may be able to apply for funding through the Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP).  Please be aware that funding can vary from year to year.  The SEMP funding is administered by the partner universities, and they will provide details to nominated students during the application process. 

Erasmus+ Graduate Traineeships

We do not fund Erasmus+ graduate trainees as the University currently has no mechanism for supporting this activity.  However, we are monitoring the placement year and its developments with Careers as a means to potentially supporting graduate trainees in the future.

Erasmus+ grant eligibility

To apply for Erasmus+ funding, you must be a registered University of York student during your European study/work placement (placements for graduates are not eligible). If you're combining placements then a maximum of 12 months of funding can be applied for. From 2 December 2020 any new mobilities (virtual or physical) undertaken in your home country (country of origin) are not eligible for Erasmus+ funding. If you're unsure whether or not this applies to you, please email us at 

European exchanges:

1. You must receive academic recognition from your department at York for the European exchange (e.g. as an additional year abroad, year in Europe or year in industry degree programme or on credit-replacing exchange ). 

2. There must be a valid exchange agreement with the host university. Visit global opportunities by subject to check who your Department has exchange agreements with. Please note that exchange partners in Switzerland are not eligible (see SEMP information above).

3. You must be studying at the European exchange partner for at least 3 months. A maximum of 12 months of funding can be awarded.

European work placements:

1. You must receive academic recognition from your department at York for the European work placement (e.g. as part of a year in industry, year in Europe, year abroad or placement year degree programme). 

2. The work placement must be approved by the relevant department within their specified deadline. Please note that work placements in Switzerland are not eligible.

3. You must be working in Europe for at least 2 months. A maximum of 12 months of funding can be awarded.

Worldwide Exchange


There are a number of scholarships available to students on Worldwide Exchange.  Before applying, please check you meet the eligibility criteria.

BUTEX UK Scholarships 

To be eligible to apply you must have been offered a study abroad or exchange place which is not eligible for an ERASMUS grant.

The 2019/20 awards are for students who have a study abroad placement between July 2019 and August 2020.  Your place must be for a minimum of one semester.

The value of each scholarship is £500 and will be paid to the winners once they have arrived and registered at their host university.

For further details of how to apply for this scholarship please go to the BUTEX web page


UYA Bursary for the USA and Canada

The US Alumni Connections Award was established in 2007 to support students involved in the exchange student programme between North America and York, UK.   It aims, through the generosity of University of York alumni based primarily in North America, to help students realise their international ambitions, and to make the most of the opportunities afforded to them.

There are four grants of £3,000 available for students from York travelling to North America (including Canada) on study (exchange) or unpaid work/research programmes for 2020/21.

Eligible students will be contacted regarding application information and deadlines.

Asian Exchanges

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Morningside College exchange students of Derwent College can apply for funding up to £250 from the Derwent Development Award, towards the cost of this exchange. Applications for this will open in April/May 2017, followed by an interview, after which they will be advised as to whether they have been successful.

The National University of Singapore offer the DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship for confirmed exchange students.  The award, based on merit, is for an exchange programme with participating European universities in any academic field.  Each selected undergraduate student will be awarded 4000 Euros for one semester or one year of exchange, which will include airfare, accommodation, living expenses, etc.  

JASSO Student Exchange Support Program Scholarship for Short-term Study in Japan. This scholarship will be granted to exchange students (undergraduate and graduate students) whose academic performance meets the standard designated by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and who intend to return to their home university after this exchange program to continue their studies or to obtain a degree at their home university. 

  • Scholarship: 80,000 yen per month (tentative)
  • Period of the grant: maximum 11 months

Toyota-Trevelyan Scholarship 

To assist Uk resident undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing a course of study/work placement in Japan during the 2020/2021 academic year.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, send your CV with academic reference, transcript, a letter outlining your background and intended course of study in Japan and your most recent bank statement to: 

Priority will be given to people who would be studying in the Aichi Prefecture.

To be eligible you must have a good knowledge of the Japanese language and be pursuing a course in a related field.

Closing date for applications is Monday April 20th 2020.



Help Fund Your Experience on YuStart

If you need funds to boost overseas travel then consider using YuStart, York’s own crowdfunding platform. The site empowers you to fundraise for innovative projects and ideas and in addition gives you valuable project management and promotional experience.

  • You should be seeking funds for travel (economy only), accommodation, subsistence and other necessary costs for an overseas visit. YuStart does not enable fundraising to support external charities.
  • Students travelling to the USA; the University of York in America has offered an incentive for students who aim to raise their own funds to enable their participation in volunteering or research projects, or internship experiences. Matching funding up to $500
  • Contact YuStart team:

Summer abroad

Thinking of a summer abroad?  There are a number of scholarship and funding options for you to consider.  For more information on any of the below, please email

International Study Centres

Each year there are a limited number of scholarships you can apply for.  They are competitive and will be distributed on a needs basis but are open to all students.   They are evaluated by a bursary case submitted as part of your application.  Previous award amounts have been between £500 and £2000.  For more information on destinations and overall costs please go to the International Study Centre webpage.

Summer Schools

Basic tuition fees are waived under our reciprocal exchange agreements with a number of partner universities for their undergraduate summer schools.  For more information on destinations please go to our summer schools webpage.

Travel Awards

Planning your own international summer opportunity?  The travel awards are open for undergraduate (not final year) and PGT students to help with a proportion of your costs. For eligibility and other further information please visit our travel awards webpage.

York Futures Scholarships

Designed to enable all students to take full advantage of the many personal and profession development opportunities available to them.  The fund’s £1000 and £3000 award tiers are open to those undertaking and international opportunity.  For more information please visit the York Futures Scholarship webpage.