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Student stories

Want to find out more about what you can expect from our different exchange destinations?  Our returned students give their guides to being on exchange in their student stories below and on the student voices webpage. 

Need to ask a question or make an appointment?  Why not speak to our Global Assistants who have returned from one of our international opportunities and are happy to share their experiences.

Madi studied abroad at York University, Toronto, Canada: Madi Biography (PDF , 2,563kb)

Kelly studied abroad at University of Sydney, Australia: Kelly Biography (PDF , 206kb)



Lucy - Work Placement, Innsbruck (PDF , 307kb)

Matthew - Work Placement, Vienna (PDF , 244kb)

Olivia - Work Placement, Vienna (PDF , 672kb)


Helena - Université de Liège (PDF , 313kb)

Kate - University of Liège and Work Placement in Italy (PDF , 197kb)

Czech Republic

Megan - Anglo American University (PDF , 641kb) 


Livia - University of Copenhagen (PDF , 757kb)

Samuel - University of Aarhus (PDF , 553kb)


Miruna - University of Helsinki (PDF , 472kb)


Bethan - Work Placement, Anglet (PDF , 63kb)

Grace - Work Placement (PDF , 644kb)

Jamie - Work Placement (PDF , 227kb)

Adam - L'université d'Aix-Marseille (PDF , 420kb)

Alexandra - Work Placement (PDF , 280kb)

Jessica - Université Grenoble Alpes (PDF , 773kb)

Madeleine - Work Placement (PDF , 544kb)

Rhiannon - Work Placement, Paris (PDF , 580kb)


Amy - University of Regensburg (PDF , 195kb)

Jack, Timothy - Work Placements, Erlangen (PDF , 976kb)

Jasper, Thomas, Chloe - Heidelberg University (PDF , 574kb)

Andy, Matthew, Hanna - Work Placements (PDF , 203kb)


Joshua - Maastricht University (PDF , 64kb)

Lucy - Radboud University Nijmegen (PDF , 52kb)

Nazlican - Utrecht University (PDF , 91kb)

Tim - Utrecht University (PDF , 103kb)


Joseph - University of Bergen (PDF , 53kb)

Rebekah - University of Bergen (PDF , 59kb)


Bethany - Work Placement, Gran Canaria (PDF , 330kb)

Liberty - Paris-Sorbonne University and Work Placement, Madrid (PDF , 446kb)

Luisa - Work Placement (PDF , 691kb)


Alison - Lund University (PDF , 66kb)

Sweden - Alison (PDF , 66kb)

Jack - Umea University (PDF , 531kb)

Jessica - University of Lund (PDF , 72kb)