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Languages for International Mobility

Global skills. Prepare for your time abroad with free language and intercultural competency courses. Shape your future.

Get ready to go global with a free language and intercultural competency course.

A free Languages for International Mobility (LfIM) course is available to University of York students who register their interest in a global programme to study, work volunteer or conduct research abroad.

You can apply for LfIM 2024 as part of your application for a global opportunity or register your interest in LfIM by completing this application form.

LfIM courses:

  • Build your confidence so you can immerse yourself in the life of the host country

  • Equip you with essential phrases to help you engage in everyday activities

  • Make you aware of key cultural aspects to take into consideration

  • Develop your ability to communicate when abroad

  • Are not formally assessed

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Courses for 2024

LfIM courses for summer 2024 will be confirmed in due course on this page.

Previous languages have included:

Beginners' courses: Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish

Intermediate courses: French, German, Spanish 

Additional courses may be added depending on student interest. Email us at if there's a language/level you're interested in that isn't listed. 

The intercultural adaptation training will be available online for all students. LfIM has aims and objectives that have been specifically designed for students going abroad on a global opportunity - see the course content section for further information.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded for completion of an LfIM course. However, LfIM courses do not aim to recognise a level of achievement. If you need to demonstrate to your host destination that you have a specific language level, you might need to take a York Language Elective. Language requirements at partner universities can be found on the Global opportunities by subject page.

LfIM courses cannot be taken for credit. If you are interested in studying a language as part of your degree programme, you should speak to your Department/the Languages at York team. For further information on language courses, visit the languages at York webpage.

Course content

LfIM courses prepare you for real-world demands and expectations. As a consequence, the syllabus focuses on the typical situations you are likely to find yourself in once abroad. The approach is a pragmatic, experience-based one.

You will not be required to enrol for a particular level, but in order to help us better assess students’ needs, you will be asked to provide details of your level of language in the application.

The following areas will be covered as part of LfIM:

  • Intercultural adaptation
  • Greetings (beginners)
  • Studying and working abroad
  • Getting settled in
  • Travelling/getting around
  • Well-being and health
  • Socialising
  • Shopping


1. One free LfIM course is available to University of York students who register interest in studying, working or volunteering abroad through the Global Opportunities team. This includes students who are interested in or are going on:

  • Study abroad at one of the University of York’s partner universities through Study Exchange as replacement credit or as part of an additional “year abroad” degree programme (including ISEP).

  • Work abroad as part of a “year in industry” or “placement year” degree programme. For further information about “year in industry” programmes you should speak to your Department. For the “placement year” you will need to speak to Careers.

  • International Study Centres: open for applications from all students. The LfIM language will be linked to the destination of the ISC (e.g. Spanish for Mexican ISC)

  • Summer Schools: available to current undergraduate students

  • An independent project that receives a Travel Award: available to current undergraduate students and postgraduate taught students
  • An international elective/field trip that is longer than a week in duration and takes place during your studies.

2. The LFIM course should be taken in the year prior to going abroad. Courses are dependent on student registration figures.

3. Students who have enrolled on other language courses (eg through YLE or LfA) can also take LFIM.


Apply for LFIM courses via the Global Opportunities applications online (check the application deadlines on the How to apply webpage) or via this Google form. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee your place on an LFIM course, the outcome of your application will be confirmed to you separately.

Students will be allocated a place on an LFIM course on a first-come, first-served basis. However, LFIM applicants who are on a "year abroad" degree programme will be given priority on LFIM courses.

Find out more about where you can go abroad on the Global Opportunities by subject webpage or come along to one of our events.