Workshops and groups

We offer a number of workshops and groups that provide support and skills that can enhance your wellbeing.

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In crisis now

Call 999 for emergency services - or for security services on campus call 01904 32 3333 or use the Safezone app.

Managing anxiety 
A workshop for students to help you develop an understanding of the type of worry you experience and develop strategies to help manage your worry.

Change and adjustment: practical possibilities
In this workshop, we discuss change and how it affects us. We will explore strategies to help us cope with and embrace the changes that we experience.

Developing confident communication
A workshop introducing assertiveness skills to students to help you be a more effective communicator and find a better balance in your relationships.

Group exercise classes
Exercise your body and mind with a variety of group exercise classes in Yoga, Pilates, Group Cycling and Box Fit. 

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Programme
A programme that allows a limited number of students the opportunity of supported access to the York Sport, promoting positive physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Introduction to mindfulness
This workshop is a practical and simple introduction to mindfulness as a way of helping you deal with stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and difficult emotional patterns in everyday life.

Practical productivity skills
A workshop to help you identify and overcome the barriers that affect your ability to work productively while at University.

This workshop will help you to recognise and revise working habits that affect motivation, concentration, self-esteem and achievement.

A stand alone workshop on the causes of procrastination and practical ways to overcome putting things off.

Recognising your own self-worth
This workshop will help you to understand the origins of your low opinion of yourself and break the cycle of negative self-worth.

Successful sleep
This workshop explores how to get a better night's sleep.

Conquering stress
In this workshop, we discuss stress - what it is, where it comes from, how it affects us, and ways to manage it and its impact.

Spectrum is a group running every fortnight for anyone who has, or has an interest in, Asperger's syndrome or autistic spectrum disorder at the University of York.