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Environment and Geography

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Get a taste of living and working internationally without committing to a full year. 

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Worldwide exchanges

Undergraduate Environment and Geography students may apply to study abroad at one of York’s worldwide exchanges, which are open to students from most other departments at the University.

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For academic queries contact your supervisor or the Departmental International Co-ordinator, Dr Colin McClean 

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Postgraduate opportunities

Depending on your programme of studies, you may be interested in:

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Previous destinations

As well as attending International Study Centres, Environment and Geography students have been to the following destinations in recent years:

Previous destinations

DegreeUG/PGCountryHost organisationProgrammeDuration
Human Geography and Environment UG Ghana The Ghana Action Project Travel award 2 months July-Aug 
Environmental Geography UG Greece Marine Conservation project Travel award 1 month July 
Environmental Science UG Canada University of British Columbia (Okanagan) Worldwide Exchange study placement Full academic year
Human Geography and Environment UG Singapore National University of Singapore Worldwide Exchange study placement Full academic year
Environmental Science PG Luxembourg Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Erasmus+ work placement 2 months May-July
Environmental Science (with a Year in Industry) UG Cyprus Cyprus Green Action Group Erasmus+ work placement 12 months Sep-Sep
Marine Environmental Management PG Thailand   Research/Placement 2 months July-Sep