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Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Summer abroad

Spending the summer abroad allows you to get a taste of living and working internationally without committing to a full year. Summer schools or International Study Centres (ISCs) can enhance your global awareness and improve employability, leadership and advocacy skills.

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University-wide Exchanges

The School of Philosophy, Politics and Economics offers two distinct study abroad opportunities.

First year students students can apply to study abroad on credit-replacing exchange at one of York’s University-wide partners, which are open to students from most other departments at the University. In this scheme, your year abroad marks count towards your final degree mark. Your degree will remain three years long.

Second year PPE students can apply to take part in an additional year abroad, after their second year of study. You can apply for a partner university as part of the general University-wide opportunities, or subject-specific exchange through the partners listed for Politics, Economics or Philosophy depending on your PPE programme (eg Politics and Economics students should look at Politics or Economics, but not Philosophy). In this scheme, the year abroad mark does not count towards your final degree mark, although you must pass the year abroad. You will re-enter your degree programme at York at Stage 3. This adds an extra year to your studies, making your degree four years long. Your degree title will recognise your year abroad (BA with a year abroad).

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Please contact the Departmental International Officer, Dr Philip Roberts (, to discuss the departmental requirements of your degree programme and to ensure that you are aware of the mandatory modules for your year at the partner university.

How to Apply

In previous years students from PPE have taken part in an exchange year at the following universities:

Australia: University of Sydney

USA: Drexel University

Please note that Philosophy, Politics and Economics students studying Economics cannot apply for National University of Singapore, University of Illinois, or University of Hong Kong through the University-wide Exchange programme for a replacement credit year.

Work abroad

Explore the Year In Industry, Placement Year options, or summer international internships, if you are interested in work opportunities outside the UK.

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Postgraduate opportunities

Depending on your programme of studies, you may be interested in:

What to expect

Previous destinations

As well as taking part in Study Exchange, PPE students have also recently been to the following destinations:

Previous destinations

Degree UG/PG Country Host organisation Programme Duration
Philosophy, Politics and Economics UG Singapore Nanyang Technological University Summer School 6 weeks, June-July
Economics and Politics UG South Korea Seoul National University Summer School 1 month, June-July
Philosophy, Politics and Economics UG Fiji Think Pacific Independent Placement 1 month, July-Aug
Politics, Economics and Philosophy UG India Think Education: Go India International Study Centre 2 weeks, August
Economics and Politics UG Colombia Gamboa Excursions Travel Awards 4 weeks, July 2022