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Summer abroad

Spending the summer abroad allows you to get a taste of living and working internationally without committing to a full year. Summer schools or International Study Centres (ISCs) can enhance your employability, leadership and advocacy skills. Find out more about summer opportunities and travel awards.

Study abroad

See Natural Sciences - Specialisation courses for details of which Natural Sciences courses offer a year abroad option. Details of available exchange opportunities can be found under the department of your main specialisation subject.

Worldwide exchanges

Undergraduate Natural Sciences students may also apply to study abroad at one of York’s worldwide exchanges, which are open to students from most other departments at the University. 

For academic queries,contact your supervisor or the Departmental International Co-ordinator, Dr Glenn Hurst

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How to Apply

Work Abroad

Explore the Year In Industry, Placement year options, or summer international internships, if you are interested in work opportunities outside the UK.

Further information can be found on our web page.

Postgraduate opportunities

Depending on your programme of studies, you may be interested in:

What to expect

Previous destinations

As well as attending International Study Centres, Natural Sciences students have been to the following destinations in recent years:

DegreeUG/PGCountryHost organisationProgrammeDuration
Natural Sciences (specialising in Neuroscience) UG Spain Autonomous University of Barcelona Travel award 1 month July