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Summer abroad

Spending the summer abroad allows you to get a taste of living and working internationally without committing to a full year. 

Summer schools or International Study Centres (ISCs) can enhance your global awareness and improve employability, leadership and advocacy skills.

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Exclusive exchanges 

Undergraduate Physics students, who wish to study for a credit replacing or additional year abroad, can apply to one of the departmental exclusive partners:

University of Lille 1 - Science and Technology B1 French required
University of Strasbourg B1 French required

Ruhr University Bochum B1 German required
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg B2 German required
University of Münster B1 German required
Heidelberg University B1 German required

University of Bologna A2 Italian required

How to apply

For academic queries, including joint honours options, contact your supervisor or the Departmental International Officer, Dr Jing Wu:

Worldwide exchanges

Undergraduate Physics students may also apply, for an additional year abroad, to study at one of York’s worldwide exchanges, which are open to students from most other departments at the University. 

Masters students on the 4 year programme may be able to take a credit replacing year at a worldwide partner in their third year. This requires approval from the department at the application stage. If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Dr Jing Wu:

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Work abroad

Explore the Year In Industry, Placement Year options, or summer international internships, if you are interested in work opportunities outside the UK.

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Postgraduate opportunities

Depending on your programme of studies, you may be interested in:

What to expect

Previous destinations

As well as attending International Study Centres, Physics students have been to the following destinations:

Previous destinations

DegreeUG/PGCountryHost organisationProgrammeYear
Physics with Astrophysics UG New Zealand University of Canterbury Travel award June-Sept 2018
Physics PG France GANIL Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds Erasmus+ work placement  Jan-June 2018
Plasma Science & Fusion Energy   PG Japan Kansai Photon Science Institute Research/Placement Oct-Nov 2017


Romania Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) Research/Placement Sep 2017
Physics PG Italy University of Bologna Erasmus+ study placement 2016/17
Physics PG Switzerland CERN Research/Placement June-July 2016
Physics UG Germany University of Munster Erasmus+ study placement 2015/16
Physics UG Australia University of Western Australia

Worldwide Exchange study placement

Physics & Philosophy UG Germany Heidelberg University Erasmus+ study placement 2015/16