Funding, eligibility and applying

Everything you need to know to make your travel plans a reality.

When to apply

Our global programmes are competitive and we select participants via an online application and reference.

You don't need to decide which programme you would like to apply for until you arrive at York in your first year. You will only need to do that if you're applying for a degree course with an integrated year abroad. For most of our global programmes, you apply once you've started at York.

During your first term at York you'll be given information and invited to events to help you choose the right global experience for you.

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of transferring onto a course with an integrated year abroad, you can discuss this with your Department in your first year.

What are the costs?

Whether you want to study, work or volunteer abroad, you'll need to research the cost of the programme and budget accordingly.

If you take part in an exchange for less than a year, you'll continue to pay tuition fees at York, but pay no tuition fees at the host institution.

Students who study abroad for a year currently pay a significantly reduced tuition fee to York and no tuition fees to the host university.

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Funding and bursaries

If you are thinking of participating in a volunteering project, internship or independent summer school during your studies at York, you can apply for our Travel Bursary to help towards the cost of your trip.

There are scholarships available through the Santander International Connections scheme, as well as charitable trust and alumni-supported travel bursaries. We may be able to advise you on applications for external funding related to specific programmes.

When you come to York, you'll be invited to events where you can find out about funding such as the York Futures Scholarship and the range of international experiences that are on offer.

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