Your living costs will vary significantly depending on your lifestyle. 

These guides will give you a rough idea of what your expenditure could be if you live in either University accommodation or private-rented accommodation. A typical undergraduate year is 40 weeks.

The estimated annual living costs are between £8,250 and £11,163.

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A typical contract for University accommodation is 40 weeks, which excludes the summer vacation. We also have some 44 and 51-week lets.

ItemWeeklyYearly cost (40 weeks)
Accommodation: self-catered  £109 to £169 £4,360 - £6,760
Accommodation: catered £148 to £190 £5,920 - £7,600

Food (for self-catered)

£32 £1,280

Toiletries and household items

£8 £320
Laundry  £4.20 per wash and dry £168
Books and equipment - £475

Social and sporting activity

(not including travel costs)

£25          £1,000
Mobile phone £8 £320
Total: self-catered - £7,923 to £10,323
Total: catered -

£9,483 to £11,163

  • Accommodation costs are rounded to the nearest pound. The yearly costs are based on the actual weekly cost rather than the rounded weekly costs shown in this breakdown.
  • Our student accommodation costs include electricity, heating, water, wifi and insurance. The published prices are for 2019/20 entry.
  • Some accommodation options also include a TV Licence for communal areas. If you'd like to watch live or catch up BBC TV in your bedroom you will need to purchase a TV Licence (£147 per year). 

A typical private-sector accommodation contract is 52 weeks, so you will often be paying more for household bills.

ItemWeeklyYearly cost
Estimated rent in a shared house (52 weeks) £80 - £105 £4,160 - £5,460
Household bills (52 weeks) £14 £728
Internet and landline (52 weeks) £5


Contents insurance   £27
Mobile phone (40 weeks) £8 £320
Food (40 weeks)
£32 £1,280
Toiletries, household items and laundry (40 weeks) £13 £520
Books / equipment (40 weeks) - £475
Social and sporting activity (40 weeks) £25 £1,000 
Total estimated cost £8,770 - £10,070
  • Rent costs vary depending on a number of factors such as location and the number of people you're sharing with. Find out more about private-rented accommodation in York.
  • Your letting agent may also charge administration fees when you apply for and start your tenancy. These charges vary by letting agent.
  • If you'd like to watch live TV you will also need to purchase a TV Licence which is £147 per year.
  • If you live off campus beyond walking or cycling distance you will need to allow for travel expenses. A weekly bus pass costs approximately £10.
ItemEstimated cost
Bus fare (campus to town return) £2.50
Bus fare weekly pass £11
Cinema ticket £5.50 - £10.50
York Student Cinema £3
Taxi (campus to town) £7
Sport Centre membership


Sport club membership from £10
Student society membership £4
Coffee on campus £2
Pint of lager on campus £2.50
Glass of wine on campus £2.75
Nightclub entry


Further information

Most UK students coming to university for the first time are entitled to government support for living costs.


Your food costs will vary significantly depending on your personal choice about where and what you eat.

Course-specific costs

For some courses, there may be additional costs such as travel to and from field trips and exhibitions. To find out if you'll need to cover additional costs contact the relevant department.

International students

If you require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK you need to pay for your visa application as well as an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). The charges vary depending on whether you're applying from inside or outside the UK.

International student calculator

To help you work out how to manage your money and build a budget for living and studying in the UK you can use the international student calculator.

Students with children

We have properties on and off campus to house families and we work with the York Housing Association (YHA) to provide even more family accommodation. Expect to pay around £145 to £180 per week (including utility bills) for University-owned family accommodation, or £600 to £950 per month (excluding utility bills) for a private rented property.

We also have a small campus nursery which costs £37 per child for a full day. If you decide to hire a childminder they usually charge around £3.80 per child per hour.

Finding a part-time job

You may wish to find a part-time job to help fund your studies and/or gain extra skills and experience.

Our Careers team offer lots of information to help you find a part-time or temporary job.

Living costs for future years

When planning your finances for any future years of study in York, you should allow for an estimated increase in living expenses of 2% each year.

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