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UK (home) or international fees? 
The level of fee that you will be asked to pay depends on whether you're classed as a UK (home) or international student. Check your fee status

Tuition fees vary depending on whether your course is laboratory or classroom-based. If your course is taught across two departments you will pay the higher fee.

Your fees may be subject to increase in subsequent years but this increase will be set at a maximum of two per cent in each year.

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Deferred entry as an EU applicant?

If you're an EU applicant who has deferred entry from this academic year (2020/21) to next academic year (2021/22) you'll still only have to pay the home fees rate.


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Study abroad and placements

If you go on a full-year placement you’ll pay a reduced tuition fee to York and no tuition fees to the host university. For that year you’ll pay:

  • Study year abroad: 15% of the full-time fee for that year
  • Year in industry in the UK: 20% of the full-time fee for that year
  • Year in industry abroad (Erasmus*): 15% of the full-time fee for that year
  • Year in industry abroad (non-Erasmus): 20% of the full-time fee for that year.

*Due to the UK's exit from the EU, UK participation in the Erasmus programme is not guaranteed beyond the 2020/21 academic year. 

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Paying your fees

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