Student and Academic Services

Academic Registrar's Office

Kate Dodd, Academic Registrar

Zoe Devlin, Executive Assistant to the Academic Registrar

Julia Hampshire, PA to the Academic Registrar and Office Manager for Colleges and Student Services

Jane Jones, Office Manager for Careers and Open Door and Disability

Claire Massheder, Assistant Registrar for Community, Cohesion and Respect

Casee Robinson-Wilson, Administrative Assistant - Careers and Open Door and Disability, PA to Director of Careers

Pete Broadley, Administrative Assistant - Colleges and Student Services, PA to Director of Student Services and Director of Colleges

See our Departmental service standards

Directorate Management Team

Rob Aitken, Director of Colleges

Tom Banham, Director of Employability and Careers and Placements

Nigel Dandy, Head of the Academic Support Office

Anne Haversham, Head of Open Door and Disability

Valerie Cotter, Deputy Academic Registrar and Director Student Services