The documents we offer:


An academic transcript is a record of an individual programme of study at the University of York and includes all available marks plus your award date and award results (if achieved).

Transcripts cannot be produced for research programmes (PhD, MPhil and Masters by Research) as these programmes do not consist of individual modules.

Replacement degree certificates

Your award certificate is a valuable document that is proof that your award was conferred on you. A replacement physical award certificate can only be issued if your original certificate has been lost or destroyed. Under no circumstances will the University issue a replacement certificate to anyone still in possession of their original copy.

Validated copies of your degree certificate

We can provide you with validated copies of your degree certificate if you are currently in possession of the original copy you received following your graduation. The cost of certificate validation is £3 per certificate - for this, you will receive three validated (stamped and signed) copies per order.

Third party verification requests

Third party enquirers, such as employers, agencies and embassies, must verify attendance and awards from our university with a Prospects Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD).

A HEDD verification confirms:

  • the candidate’s name
  • qualification type
  • course name
  • year of award
  • classification obtained
  • dates of attendance

Please visit to register.

There is a small charge for each enquiry and you must provide the written consent of the individual.

To prevent delays, please enter the candidate’s details as they appear on their degree certificate.

Enquiries are checked and completed by the university’s registry team. The due date will be listed on your enquiry.

If you require further assistance, email