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Please check the frequently asked questions before requesting a document

Fees and processing times

During our busy periods (May to August and December to February) it may take longer to process document requests. Whilst the times below are guidelines we do not guarantee documents will always be produced within these time frames. Please ensure you allow plenty of time if requesting a document for a deadline.  

DocumentFeeStandard processing time

Transcript for current students
For current students who have not yet graduated or completed their studies.

  • £10 (1 copy)
  • £10 postage charge per overseas address (UK addresses free of charge)
  • 5 working days

Transcript for graduates/alumni post January 2010
For graduates/alumni who graduated or completed their studies any time after 1 January 2010. 

  • £10 (1 copy)
  • £10 postage charge per overseas address (UK addresses free of charge)
  • 15 working days

Information request for graduates/alumni pre January 2010
For graduates/alumni who graduated or completed their studies any time prior to 1 January 2010. We will aim to produce a full academic transcript listing all module marks, however the University does not hold comprehensive records for all previous graduates and we are unable to guarantee that a complete set of detailed module information will be available. If we are unable to produce a full list of module marks, we will provide official confirmation of the details we hold on record such as a list of partial marks. 

  • £10 (1 copy)
  • £10 postage charge per overseas address (UK addresses free of charge)
  • 25 working days
Replacement certificate
  • £40 (this includes postage by recorded delivery)
  • 15 working days
Validation of a certificate
  • £3 for 3 validated copies (this includes standard (non-recorded) postage to one address)
  • 15 working days
Certificate mailing
(resending an original certificate if returned to us in the mail)
  • £10
  • 1 working day 
Other documents
(certification of study, introduction to a bank, council tax exemption etc)
  • free
  • 1 working day 


Official academic transcripts

Please check the frequently asked questions before requesting a document

An academic transcript is a full record of your academic study at the University of York and includes marks from all years of study plus your award date and award result. All students will receive a free final transcript at graduation. Additional transcripts can be purchased at any other time. If you have not yet completed your course and purchase a transcript, an interim transcript will be produced which will show the marks you have available so far. If you have not yet completed your course you may wish to have a print-out of your marks validated (see below) instead of paying for an official transcript. Credits from exchange programmes will be shown on your transcript, but modules taken at other universities will not. These can be obtained from the relevant institution.

Transcripts can be collected (by yourself or a nominated other) from the Student Hub, or can be posted to you. You will be asked to select one of these options when you place your order. If you have any specific requirements as part of your transcript order (for example you would like a reference number to be included on the envelope), you can add this information as part of your order in the notes box at the end of the order form. If these requirements relate to any additional documents (eg a cover sheet that needs to be included with your transcript) you must email the document(s) to within 24 hours of placing your order. It will not be possible for the University to source any such additional documents on your behalf. 

Important note for students graduating in January 2018: All graduating students will automatically receive a free final transcript with their award certificate at graduation. It is not possible to have a final transcript before then, as it is not until that point that your award is conferred upon you. If you order a transcript before 11.59pm on Wednesday 20th December you will be provided with an interim transcript that will state that your award is yet to be conferred. Any transcript requests placed on or after Thursday 21 December will not be processed before graduation - instead your purchased transcript will be provided to you as an additional final transcript along with your free one at graduation. 

Click here to order a transcript through the online store


Transcripts are posted to UK addresses via standard Royal Mail delivery and there is no additional fee for this. 

Transcripts can be posted to overseas addresses for an additional fee of £10 per address. This must be purchased separately in addition to the transcript fees. Transcripts will be sent via Royal Mail's International Signed For service. If you have ordered multiple transcripts to be sent to different addresses you must purchase overseas mailing for each address. It is your responsibility to ensure this is paid - failure to do so will result in delays to the processing of your request. Pay overseas mailing at this link.

Transcripts can be posted to anywhere you request, for example you may wish for them to be sent directly to another institution to which you are applying. If you are not going to be the recipient you must include in the address section a name as well the address for the transcript to be sent to. For security reasons we reserve the right not to send your document to a generic address (eg an admissions office) without a named recipient. This can result in documents being lost, and as we take the sceurity of your data very seriously we do not wish to risk this. If you cannot provide a receipient name, but wish for your document to be sent without one, please let us know. By doing so you are acknowledging there is a greater risk of your document being lost or undelivered. 

We are unable to arrange delivery by courier, however if you wish to do this yourself please let us know when you place your request. You must make all arrangements and bear all costs for this. 


You will be emailed when your transcript is ready to be collected. You (or your nominated collector) will need to bring photographic ID to the Student Hub to collect your transcript.

Transcripts awaiting collection will be kept for a maximum of three months. Any transcripts uncollected after three months will be destroyed and refunds will not be made.  


Important note for students who graduated before 2010:

Not all departments hold comprehensive archived records for previous graduates, and as such we are unable to guarantee that a complete set of detailed module information has been retained for all former students in all departments. Whilst we will make every effort to obtain your past marks in order to produce a transcript, we can only do so if your department has retained this information. If you wish to check whether we can provide you with a transcript before placing your order please contact

For all students we can provide (free of charge) an official document confirming that you studied at the University of York detailing your dates of study, your programme, the award you achieved and your date of completion. If you wish to request this instead of a transcript please email stating that you require a "Confirmation of Study" letter. Please include your full name, date of birth, programme of study and dates of attendance in the email.  


Validating your marks from e:Vision

Current students - you can access your available marks through your e:Vision account, using the 'View my Results' option. Remember that it may take time for all of the marks to become available. You can print out these marks and Student Support will validate the print-out to confirm the marks are correct. This is free of charge. This may be accepted as proof of your marks in lieu of an official transcript, for instance, to accompany an application for a job or further study. If supplying this to another organisation or institution, please check with them that it will be acceptable. Bring your print-out and student card to the Student Hub in Market Square. You may have to wait up to ten minutes for your document to be checked and validated. Please note that the print-out must be a screen shot of exactly what is shown on the whole of the e:Vision page with no text added or removed. If any information has been added or removed (including the wording about your marks being provisional) it will not be validated. 

e:Vision example (PDF  , 292kb) 




Original award certificates

You will be presented with your original award certificate at your graduation ceremony. It is not possible to receive your certificate before then, as it is not until that point that your award is conferred upon you. If you choose not to attend your ceremony your certificate will be posted to your registered home address by recorded delivery (free of charge) in the month following graduation. 

If your award is not conferred at a graduation ceremony (for instance, Certificates/Diplomas of Higher Education, some Postgraduate Certificates) your certificate will be posted to you as soon as your award is ratified, which will be a short time after completion of the programme. 

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for your certificate to reach you, particularly if it is being sent to an overseas address. If your certificate has not arrived 3 months after your graduation/programme completion please advise us using one of the following email addresses: 

  • Awards conferred at graduation:
  • Awards not conferred at graduation:

If you are unsure whether or not your award was conferred at graduation, or have any queries about this please contact

Replacement award certificates

Please check the frequently asked questions before requesting a document

Your award certificate is a valuable document that is proof that your award was conferred on you. The loss or destruction of your certificate is a serious matter and you should make all attempts to preserve your original certificate. A replacement award certificate can only be issued if your original certificate has been lost or destroyed. Under no circumstances will the University issue a replacement certificate to anyone still in possesion of their original certificate. If you still have your original certificate and require copies (eg to send off with applications for employment or further study) please request validated copies (see below) rather than replacement certificates. 

If you are certain your original certificate is lost or destroyed you can request a replacement. Replacement certificates will be issued at the University’s discretion, and the University reserves the right not to issue a replacement certificate or to specify reasons for this decision.

Replacement certificates have the same standing as the original which they replace. Only one version of your certificate is valid at any one time. Therefore if a replacement certificate is produced your original certificate will be invalidated, even if it was lost but you subsequently find it. Replacement certificates are produced in the format currently used by the University, and thus may not be an identical copy of the original.  

The cost of a replacement certificate is £40. 

Click here to order a replacement certificate through the online store


All certificates are sent by registered delivery and will require a signature on receipt. Undelivered certificates are returned to the University by the Post Office. If your certificate is returned to us there will be a £10 charge for it to be resent to you. We will contact you by email to advise you of this. You will be required to pay the £10 mailing fee and confirm the address to which you would like it sending. This can be anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can collect your certificate from the Student Hub, or nominate someone to do so on your behalf. Your certificate will be held at the University for a maximum of six months. If you do not pay the mailing fee or arrange for your certificate to be collected within this period your certificate will be destroyed. To obtain your certificate after this you will be required to purchase a replacement certificate.

Certificates lost in the post: We have a 3 month waiting period to see whether a certificate is delivered or returned to us in the post before we would produce a replacement for non-delivery. If more than three months have passed since the posting date and your certificate has neither been delivered to you nor returned to us in the mail we will produce a replacement free of charge. Please note that if your certificate has been lost because you provided an incorrect address (or you failed to register for graduation when requested, and thus did not register an up to date address for your certificate to be sent to) you will be required to purchase a replacement certificate - a free replacement will not be produced. Please contact for further information including confirmation of the posting date if required.

Validated copies of certificates

You must be in possession of your original certificate in order to request validated copies of it. The cost of certificate validation is £3 per certificate -  for this you will receive three validated copies. If you require more than one certificate validating (eg an undergraduate and a postgraduate programme) you must complete a separate request for each.

This service is for University of York award certificates only - we do not validate any other documents. 

Click here to order certificate validation through the online store

Once you have placed your request through the online store you need to send a copy of the certificate that you require validating to the Exams Office, either by posting a hard copy to the address below or sending a scanned copy via email. Please note that copies/scans must be of good quality and all the information should be clearly readable, including the reference number at the bottom right hand corner if there is one. 

Exams Office 
University of York
YO10 5DD
United Kingdom

Other documents

Other documents

Please check the frequently asked questions before requesting a document

Documents available through e:Vision

  • Certification of study (current students)
    The University can provide you with an official letter confirming that you are a current student and detailing your dates of study, your current programme of study, your intended award and your expected completion date.
  • Confirmation of award (former students)
    The University can provide you with an official letter confirming that you studied at the University of York detailing your dates of study, your programme of study, the award you achieved and your date of completion.
  • Council Tax Exemption certificate 
    Many students are eligible for council tax exemption. If you are exempt, you will only be required to request this certificate from the University if:
    • you need to provide evidence of being a student at the University of York to a local government authority other than the City of York Council
    • the City of York Council contact you to say you need to send them a Council Tax Exemption certificate
  • Letter of introduction (to open a bank account) 
    The University can provide you with an official letter that will enable you to open a bank account. This letter will show the name and address of the bank and your home and term time address from your student record. This will also confirm that you are a current student, detailing your dates of study, your current programme of study, your intended award and your expected completion date. If you are an overseas student and have a Biometric Residence Permit you must take this along to the bank with you when you want to open an account.
  • ATAS clearance certificate 
    To request an ATAS letter that will allow you to obtain ATAS clearance certificate please access on e:Vision and use the link available.

How to request these documents

Current students can request these documents through e:Vision

Former students

  • Email stating which document you require. Please include your full name, date of birth, programme of study and dates of attendance in the email. 
  • Please also confirm how you would like to receive your document. You can collect it from the Student Hub (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday), authorise another person to collect it on your behalf, or you can have it posted to you at an address you supply.


Employers or agencies

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) online verification service for employers and agencies to verify University of York awards.  Please note that this service is only for third parties.

The system has been developed by Graduate Prospects, in consultation with universities, employers and screening agencies. Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and launched by Graduate Prospects, HEDD is now being rolled out to institutions throughout the UK.

The online candidate verification service allows registered enquirers to input data provided by applicants (name, date of birth, institution, year of graduation, qualification classification etc).

How to register

To make an enquiry you need to register with HEDD by visiting Select ‘University of York’ from the list of UK higher education institutions and choose the option to 'verify a degree award'. There is a charge of £12 per enquiry. If you require further assistance, please email You will also be required to upload a consent form.

Making an enquiry

You’ll need the individual’s name, date of birth, course and qualification. For graduates you'll also need their year of graduation and degree result. If you require dates of attendance, please request this at the time of making the enquiry.

We recommend that you ask to see the degree certificate if there is one, and use that as the basis of your verification enquiry, or ask individuals to give you their data as they believe it’s recorded in the student records system. If the information submitted is an exact match to the information held within the student record, your request will automatically be verified. If the information does not match all fields, then the enquiry will go to the team at York  for manual verification, with a five working-day turnaround time

Management information

All your enquiries are stored in the system and can be exported as an MS Excel or CSV file. You can sort your enquiries according to status:

  • Automatically verified

  • Pending – this means we couldn’t automatically verify your enquiry and you’re waiting for a response from the University

  • Not verified – where the University has responded in the negative

  • Partially verified – where the University has verified some but not all of the data, eg the wrong year of graduation has been submitted


If you have any problems or queries, please email, including your phone number if you would like a call back.



Frequently asked questions

Please click here for frequently asked questions about transcripts and certificates

Further information

If your query has not been answered in the frequently asked questions, please contact us:

Transcripts +44 (0)1904 324864
Certificates +44 (0)1904 322145
Any other documents +44 (0)1904 324643


Current students - please include your 9 digit student number in all correspondence.

Former students - please include your full name, date of birth, dates of study and programme title (eg BA in English). 


Examinations Office
University of York
York YO10 5DD
+44 (0)1904 322145