Gradintel grants you complete control over the sharing of your digital documents.

If you are eligible to register, you will be able to share transcripts and certificates securely with any employer. Documents can be shared instantly via email, and you have the ability to set criteria such as an expiry date for the intended recipient, or the number of times the document can be accessed.

Please note that degrees studied through Aarhus, GEMMA and Mundus Mapp are not currently eligible for registration with Gradintel.

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Upon activating your Gradintel account, you will be asked to change your username. It is recommended that the username is typed using letters A-Z of the English alphabet, and numbers 0-9.

If you encounter any difficulties when entering a username, please get in touch with the Gradintel customer services team, providing your name and student number (if known).

If you have previously activated your Gradintel account but have forgotten your login details, you can receive a reminder of your username and reset your password by visiting Gradintel, clicking 'Login', then 'Lost Account Details', and then following the steps provided.

If you are finding it difficult to reset your details, please contact the Gradintel customer services team.

Please remember to include your full name and student ID number, and inform them that you are a student (or alumni) of University of York.

The activation links to Gradintel expire after 30 days. If your link has expired, you should follow the account recovery process to gain access to your account:

  1. Go to the Gradintel account recovery process page
  2. Select 'University of York’ from the dropdown, enter your Student ID number and Date of Birth, use Captcha to authenticate and click 'SUBMIT'
  3. Choose a verification method
  4. Once verified, you will be prompted to activate using your account activation page

There, you will be asked to reconfirm your Date of Birth, define your new account username and password, and specify your security question and security answer so that you can then use these to reset your password, should you ever forget it.

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