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Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones, Senior Lecturer

I have worked on the archaeology of eastern Africa for ten years, focusing on the material culture of the Swahili coast and the movement and use of objects into the African interior and across the Indian Ocean. I have been at York since January 2011, fitting into some of the department’s key areas of strength, such as East African archaeology and medieval towns and trade.

The archaeology of Africa was particularly fascinating to me, as it was an area that is so little known in this country and there seemed to be great potential for learning new aspects of the past. I have always loved history, and archaeology allowed me to combine this with travel, outdoor work and a practical approach to past societies.

The best thing about the department at the University of York is the people. The staff are really enthusiastic and friendly, and are genuinely collegial. The students are motivated and can be relied on to get excited about the courses they're studying. This makes them fun to teach.

York is a lovely city. It's small enough to always feel like you're in the centre of things, but big enough to have everything you need. Do spend some time checking out the courses we have to offer - there's such a range that there's bound to be something for everyone.

Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones