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Professor Nicky Milner
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Nicky completed a BA in Archaeology in Nottingham in 1995 and a NERC funded PhD in Cambridge in 1998, which developed a method to analyse seasonality information from the European oyster, which was then applied to Danish shell midden sites. This was followed by a Sir James Knott fellowship at the University of Newcastle in 1999 and then a Lectureship in 2001, before moving to the University of York in 2004. She became a Senior Lecturer in 2009 and Professor in 2012.

Her research focuses on the Mesolithic period and the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition and she currently runs the project POSTGLACIAL.

She has worked on shell midden sites in Denmark, Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Portugal and has co-directed excavations at Howick, Baylet, Star Carr and Flixton Island.



Nicky's research mainly focuses on the Mesolithic period and at the moment is working on the Preboreal, Early Mesolithic (through Star Carr), as well as having a focus on the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition. Her research tends to divide across three key themes: palaeodiet and consumption practices; settlement and mobility; death and burial. 

Nicky has projects which are based both in the lab and in the field and she aims to bring innovative approaches through the development of new themes. Her fieldwork is interdisciplinary in approach and her work at Star Carr involves working with over 20 specialists. She has also co-directed excavations on shell middens in Ireland with Peter Woodman, and excavations at Howick with Clive Waddington and Geoff Bailey.

Nicky completed a major AHRB project with Geoff Bailey on Coastal shell middens and agricultural origins in Europe. As part of this, she developed a critical examination of stable isotope analysis in identifying the role of marine resources across the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Europe. She has also made important new advances in seasonality studies, using marine molluscs and new biomolecular methods of palaeodietary analysis, coordinating her research with colleagues in five different countries.




  • Excavations at Star Carr. Major European Research Council Grant (previously funded by the British Academy, McDonald Institute, Vale of Pickering Research Trust, English Heritage)
  • Mesolithic Conservation and Research Framework (with Ed Blinkhorn as project manager), funded by English Heritage
  • Writing up Inch Island Prehistoric Landscapes Project (with Peter Woodman), funded by DUCHAS
  • Co-ordination of Mesolithic Stone Age Bog Site Group (with Harald Lubke and Lars Larsson)

Previous projects



  • PREBOREAL: European Research Council (Star Carr)
  • Star Carr 2010: English Heritage and Natural Environment Research Council
  • Mesolithic Research and Conservation Framework: English Heritage
  • AHRC Colloborative doctoral award: Public perception of the Mesolithic
  • NERC Colloborative doctoral award: Deterioration of deposits at Star Carr

Available PhD research projects

I am interested in any topics which are related to the Mesolithic!


Current PhD students:

  • Rachel Parks: Resource use in the Mesolithic of Scotland 
  • Gemma Moy: Introduction of domesticates at the Meso/Neo transition
  • Ben Elliott: AHRC, Antler working in the Mesolithic
  • Emily Hellewell: AHRC, Human remains in shell middens
  • Pat Hadley: AHRC, Public perception and the Mesolithic
  • Kirsty High: NERC, deterioration of deposits at Star Carr
  • Steve Hartley: AHRC, Fish and stable isotope analyses



Currently on research leave

Usual teaching includes
  • World Archaeology: Death and Burial 
  • Mesolithic Themes
  • Research Skills


MA in Mesolithic Studies:
  • Mesolithic theory and interpretation
  • Mesolithic lifeways

External activities


  • NERC radiocarbon Facility (Archaeology) Assessment Panel
  • AHRC peer college
  • Director of Antiquity Publications Ltd
  • Fellow Society of Antiquaries
  • External examiner, University of Reading

Editorial duties

Invited talks and conferences

  • 2011: Quo Vadis: long term research projects in Archaeology, Schlesvig, Ertebolle (with Professor Soren H. Andersen)
  • 2010: Documenta Praehistoria, Slovenia, Human burials across the Meso/Neo transition (with Emily Hellewell)
  • 2009: Society of American Archaeologists, Texas, Historical ecology and oyster exploitation
  • 2006: Prehistoric Society, John Evans conference, Cardiff, Myths and middens (with Ol Craig)
  • 2006: Council for British Research in the Levant, Jordan, Subsistence and landscapes
  • 2005: Interdisciplinary Studies on Prehistoric Material Culture, Stockholm, Mesolithic subsistence
Other recent conferences:
  • 2011: "Star Carr: past, present and future" Palaeolithic Mesolithic conference, British Museum
  • 2010: “Recent research at Star Carr” (with Taylor, Conneller) European Association of Archaeologists, The Hague 
  • 2010: “Public Perception of the Mesolithic” MESO 2010, Santander
  • 2010: “Landscape research in the Vale of Pickering” (with Conneller, Taylor), MESO 2010, Santander
  • 2010: “Isotope analysis from modern and archaeological eels” (with Robson, Craig, Heron) MESO 2010, Santander
  • 2009: “Colonisation and settling down in the Late Palaeolithic and Early Mesolithic”, European Association of Archaeologists, Riva del Garda, Italy 
  • 2008: “Star Carr: recent research”, Palaeolithic Mesolithic conference, British Museum 
  • 2006: “Environmental and seasonality records from the limpet”, (with D. Surge, T. Fenger and B. Schöne) American Geophysical Union, San Francisco 
  • 2006: “Environmental and seasonality records from the limpet”, (with D. Surge, T. Fenger, B. Schöne) Geological Society of America, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • 2006: “Excavations at Star Carr”, Palaeolithic Mesolithic conference, British Museum

Media coverage

  • Digging for Britain: Star Carr
  • Ray Mears: Wild Food series
  • TimeTeam special on Doggerland
  • Meet the Ancestors: Howick- the earliest house in Britain
  • Radio 4: programme on oysters
  • Radio 4: programme on Star Carr
  • Radio York: Star Carr
  • Summer 2010: Star Carr earliest house in Britain! BBC (home and world news), ITV, Channel 4, radio (local and world), National and International newspapers (see our news story)


Exhibition on Star Carr and the Mesolithic in York City Art Gallery, April 2010

Professor Nicky Milner‌‌

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