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Paul is a Systems Administrator and Developer for the Archaeology Data Service (ADS). His role is to maintain the servers and databases at the ADS and help with any development tasks. This is Paul's third stint at the ADS but his first as a Systems Administrator (taking over from Michael Charno in January 2016). His previous role at the ADS was to develop the internal Collection Management System (CMS).

Paul initially studied for a BSc in Physics at the University of Nottingham (1994) followed by an MSC in Medical Physics and IT and a PhD in Physics and Computing before coming to York in 2002. Since then, he has worked in several departments across the university including Chemistry, the Digital Library and the ADS.

Although Paul does not have a background in Archaeology, he does have a real interest and has visited a large number of archaeological sites.



‘The analysis of gastric function using computational techniques’

This research was based on the application of computational techniques to the study of gastric function, using MRI images. This included developing software to automatically detect stomach contractions, and modelling fat emulsification using Monte-Carlo techniques.  


Selected publications

‘JLigand: a graphical tool for the CCP4 template-restraint library’
A. A. Lebedev, P. Young, M. N. Isupov, O. V. Moroz, A. A. Vagin and G. N. Murshudov
Acta Cryst, 2012

‘BALBES: a molecular-replacement pipeline’
F. Long, A. A. Vagin, P. Young and G. N. Murshudov
Acta Cryst.2008

‘Antral motility measurements by magnetic resonance imaging’
L. Marciani, P. Young, J. Wright, R. Moore, N. Coleman, P. A. Gowland, R. C. Spiller
Neurogastroenterology & Motility, 2002

‘Echo-planar magnetic resonance imaging of gaviscon alginate rafts in humans ‘
Luca Marciani, Sarah L. Little, Nick S. Coleman, Paul Young, Damian J. Tyler, Janice Snee, lan G. Jolliffe, Peter W. Dettmar, Penny A. Gowland and Robin C. Spiller
Gastroenterology, 2001.

‘Fat emulsification measured using NMR transverse relaxation’
Marciani L, Ramanathan C, Tyler DJ, Young P, Manoj P, Wickham M, Fillery-Travis A, Spiller RC, Gowland PA
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 2001

‘Effect of meal viscosity and nutrients on satiety, intragastric dilution, and emptying assessed by MRI’
Luca Marciani, Penny A. Gowland, Robin C. Spiller, Pretima Manoj, Rachel J. Moore, Paul Young, and
Annette J. Fillery-Travis
American Journal of Physiology (Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology), 2001

‘Echoplanar imaging in GI clinical practice: Assessment of gastric emptying and antral motility in four patients’
Luca Marciani, Paul Young, Jeff Wright, Rachel J. Moore, David F. Evans, Robin C. Spiller, Penny A. Gowland
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2000

‘Assessment of antral grinding of a model solid meal with echo-planar imaging’
Luca Marciani, Penny A. Gowland, Annette Fillery-Travis, Pretima Manoj, Jeff Wright, Andrew Smith, Paul Young, Rachel Moore, and Robin C. Spiller
American Journal of Physiology (Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology), 2000
‘Gastric Response to Increased Meal Viscosity Assessed by Echo-Planar Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Humans’
Luca Marciani, Penny A. Gowland, Robin C. Spiller, Pretima Manoj, Rachel J. Moore, Paul Young, Shireen Al-Sahab, Debbie Bush, Jeff Wright, and Annette J. Fillery-Travis
The Journal of Nutrition, 1999

‘Noninvasive echo-planar imaging (EPI) monitoring of intragastric viscosity, dilution and emptying of viscous meals in normal subjects’
L Marciani, J Wright, P Manoj, RJ Moore, P Young, D Bush, S Al-Sahab, A Fillery-Travis, PA Gowland and RC Spiller
Gastroenterology, 1998

‘Echo-Planar Imaging Relaxometry to Measure the Viscosity of a Model Meal’
L. Marciani, P. Manoj, B.P. Hills, R.J. Moore, P. Young, A. Fillery-Travis, R.C. Spiller, P.A. Gowland
Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 1998


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