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Dr Lindsey Büster
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Lindsey studied at University College London (2003-2006; BSc), the University of York (2006-2007; MA) and the University of Bradford (2009-2012), where she completed her PhD on Iron Age roundhouses in Scotland. Lindsey has since been a post-doctoral researcher (2014-2018) on the ENTRANS, Sculptor’s Cave and Continuing Bonds projects at the University of Bradford, before becoming a Teaching Fellow in European Iron Age Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh (2018-2019). She also co-directs fieldwork at the Covesea Caves, NE Scotland. 

Lindsey became a post-doctoral research associate on the COMMIOS Project in 2020. The project uses socio-cultural and scientific approaches (osteology, stable isotopes and aDNA) to understand Iron Age population dynamics, connectivity and mobility across Britain and the Near Continent.



In her previous post, at the University of Edinburgh, Lindsey led modules in Theoretical Archaeology, Conflict Archaeology and Iron Age Gaul, as well as serving as Fieldwork Officer and contributing later prehistoric content to large team-taught archaeology modules. 

She has also supervised undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations on topics including  the roundhouses of East Yorkshire, situla art, Iron Age weaving combs, and the impact of mass media on conflict archaeology sites, together with PhD theses on the lipid analysis of vessels from Iron Age Slovenia and Croatia, and the taphonomy of human and animal bone assemblages from the Covesea Caves.




Lindsey’s research interests focus on ritual and domestic life in later prehistoric Europe, and complex later prehistoric funerary practices. Her previous work on the Continuing Bonds Project explored the ways in which archaeology can be used in contemporary death, dying and bereavement contexts (Büster et al. 2018), and how contemporary approaches to death can contribute to our understanding of the prehistoric burial record.

Lindsey’s research also focuses on cave archaeology, specifically the ritualised nature of these enigmatic places in prehistory (as explored in Büster et al. 2019, Between Worlds). Her work at the Sculptor’s Cave will be published as a Society of Antiquaries of Scotland monograph later this year, and her fieldwork at the Covesea Caves continues to explore the dynamics of this prehistoric mortuary landscape.


As research lead for mortuary archaeology on the ERC-funded COMMIOS Project, Lindsey explores what funerary practices can tell us about social identity in Iron Age Britain and the Near Continent, and how this intersects with the isotopic and aDNA evidence. 

External activities



  • Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA)
  • Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
  • Prehistoric Society
  • European Association of Archaeologists

Committee Responsibilities 

  • CIfA Scottish Special Interest Group
  • Athena Swan (University of Bradford) 

Conference organising committees

  • Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) 2015, University of Bradford
  • Iron Age Research Group Student Symposium (IARSS) 2010, University of Bradford
  • First Millennium Studies Group Day Seminar 2011, University of Edinburgh

Session Organisation

European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting

  • 2014, Istanbul: Caves as Ritual Spaces in Later Prehistory (with Dimitrij Mlekuž, University of Ljubljana; Eugène Warmenbol, Free University of  Brussels)
  • 2015, Glasgow: Human Remains in Caves (with Eugène Warmenbol, Free University of Brussels)
  • 2016, Vilnius: Transcending Borders in Later Prehistoric Europe (with Ian Armit, University of Bradford; Hrvoje Potrebica, University of Zagreb; Matija Črešnar, University of Ljubljana; and Philip Mason, Centre for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia)

Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting

  • 2015, San Francisco: Biographies of Enclosure in Global Context (with Jennifer Birch, University of Georgia; Ian Armit, University of Bradford)


  • Winner of the Historic Environment Scotland Research Showcase (2016)
  • New Generation Thinkers 2017 Finalist (AHRC/BBC Radio 3)


  • Underground Britain. Lion TV (for Channel 5). First broadcast 23rd October 2014.
  • Mystic Britain. Blink TV (for the Smithsonian Channel). First broadcast 4th June 2019.

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Dr Lindsey Büster
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