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Richard Lee

Research project

Landscape Archaeology in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia

Supervisor: Daryl Stump



This PhD will investigate the archaeology of the Kerseber valley in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. The significance of this area is that it is a key part of the pre-Aksumite kingdom ca.900 BC and as such plays a central role in the growth of state formation there. Ideally, I would undertake an archaeological survey of the valley and apply theories of Landscape Archaeology, including phenomenological perspectives, to this previously uninvestigated area.  

The Kerseber-Debre Damo valley is the ideal location to test this innovative combination of techniques: it is topographically well defined, is proximal to the early states of Yeha (c 900-400 BC) and Aksum (400 BC – AD 500), and includes unstable landforms subject to historic and ongoing change as well as apparently highly stable landforms associated with historic churches and settlements, including the important 5th-century AD monastery of Debre Damo. The valley has not been the subject of previous surveys, but close collaboration with existing projects provides crucial context, allowing the proposed research to rapidly characterise this historic environment.


I completed my MRES Research Methods for the Humanities, at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London in 1998, following on from my BA(Hons) Egyptian Archaeology also at UCL (1997). 

Since 1995 I have worked extensively on archaeological projects in Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Ethiopia, Benin, UAE and Qatar. I also spent ten years in UK commercial archaeology in London, Birmingham and Lancaster and have worked in most English counties. I was a Project Officer at the Council for British Archaeology as part of their Engaging with the Historic Environment project (2008-10).

DJ with the York Tropica collective.

Publications, Papers and Awards

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  • 2001- 2008 numerous grey literature reports of excavation and survey across England. Too many to mention !


Teaching and Impact

  • University of York, Dept of Archaeology: Graduate Teaching Advisor Sept 2020 – Field Archaeology 
  • Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of York: 2009- 2011, 2003 – 2004. Designing and teaching curriculum for part-time Egyptian & Middle Eastern Archaeology course; creating curriculum & audio/visual components of VLE distance learning course Online Archaeology using Blackboard; Board of Studies non-accredited tutor representative (2008-10). 
  • University of Leeds, Centre for Lifelong Learning: Designing curriculum and teaching accredited Egyptian Archaeology course (2004/5).

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