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‌Professor Henrice Altink Co-Director (Caribbean; History; Inequality; Environment) 01904 32 2989 


Professor Jean Grugel Director (Governance; Human rights; Political Economy; Democracy; Citizenship) 01904 32 2061 

Professor Piran White Co-Director (Biodiversity; Ecosystem Services; Health and Wellbeing; Disease; Governance ) 01904 32 4062 

  Tara Mundy IGDC Administrator
Minna Lehtinen IGDC Research Support Officer (on Secondment)

Sarah Masefield Research Fellow

Jessica Omukuti Postdoctoral Research Associate 

Tallulah Lines Postdoctoral Research Associate

Matt Barlow Postdoctoral Research Associate 


Federica Angeli Chair in Management (Health inequities; Poverty alleviation; Hybrid organizing; Organizational Learning; Organizational networks)

Snehasish Banerjee Lecturer (Digital Marketing; Online User Behaviour; Social Media; User-generated Content) 01904 32 5013

Anindya Bhattacharya Lecturer (Local institutions; Clientelism; India; Left-revolutionary) 01904 32 2307

Sally Brooks Honorary Fellow (Sustainable Development; Technology; Smallholder Agriculture; Financial Inclusion; Philanthropy) 


Katherine Brookfield Lecturer in Human Geography (Participation; Built Environment; Mobility; Health) 01904 32 4060

Eleanor Brown Lecturer in Education and Social Justice (Development Education; Buen vivir and alternatives to Development; Non-Formal Education; Global Citizenship; Sustainable Development) 01904 32 3514

Nina Caspersen Professor of Politics 01904 32 3555

Adriana Castelli Senior Research Fellow (Health System Performance; Health Economics; Global Health; Health Policy Reforms) 01904 32 1462

Claire Chambers Senior Lecturer (Literature; Postcolonial Studies; Migration; South Asia; Arab World) 01904 32 4216

Sangeeta Chattoo Associate Professor/Senior Research Fellow (Citizenship; Ethnicity; Ethnography; Genetics; India; Race; South Asia) 01904 32 1347

Steve Cinderby Senior Researcher; Co-leader SEI Transforming Governance research theme (Participatory GIS; Urban Health; Creative Methods; Scenarios; Behaviour Change) 

Sabine Clarke Lecturer in Modern History (Science; Technology; Economic Diversification; Colonial Development) 01904 32 2974

Liam Clegg Lecturer (Global Economic Governance; Drivers of change in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Operations; UK Housing Provision) 01904 32 2646

Bill Cooke Professor in Strategic Management (Director of Research) (Multi-National Institutions; Strategic Management; Development; Modernisation) 01904 32 5050

Hanne Cottyn Research Associate (Social and Environmental History; Andean Highlands; Indigenous and Peasant Communities; Rural Transformations; Land and Resources; Socio-Environmental Conflicts)

Kevin Cowtan Professor (Data Analysis; Climate Science; Structural Biology; Psychology of Science Denial; Philosophy of Science)

Joana Cruz Research Associate and Teaching Fellow (Ecosystem Services; Ecology; Conservation) 01904 32 4786

Sara de Jong Lecturer (Postcolonial and decolonial approaches to development; NGOs; Gender; Migration)

Giacomo Deluca Senior Lecturer (Conflict; Institutions; Political Economy; Social Capital; Crime,) 01904 32 4674

Marco Sakai Diaz Lecturer

Omara Dogar Research Fellow (Tobacco Cessation; Implementation Science; Health Behaviour Change; Global Health; Tuberculosis) 01904 32 1541

Jappe Eckhart Lecturer (Trade Policy; Health Policy; Global Value Chains; Global Governance; Regionalism)

Helen Elsey Senior Lecturer in Global Health (Urban health, public health, gender and equity) 01904 32 1341

Rebecca Engel Lecturer in Post War Reconstruction (Peacebuilding; Early Warning and Response; Political Settlements; International Development; Political Economy and Conflict-affected States)

Jon Ensor Senior Researcher (Equitable Development; Environmental Governance; Climate Change Adaptation) 01904 32 4817

Ambrose Field Dean (Creativity and Community; Technology; Education)

Richard Friend Lecturer in Human Geography (Governance dimensions of Social and Environmental Change; Climate Change; Mekhong Region) 01904 32 4375

Peter Gardner Lecturer (Ethnicity; Language Politics; Postconflict Societies; Political Sociology)

Paul Gready Director of the Centre for Applied Human Rights (Transitional Justice; Human Rights; Development Alternatives; Informality) 01904 32 5831

Adrian Gonzalez Associate Lecturer (Political Geography; Political Ecology; Natural Resource Management; Natural Resource Conflict; Environmental Justice) 01904 32 5958

Manogna Goparaju PhD Researcher, Research Trainee (Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainable Financing; Sustainable Development Goals; Private Sector; Financial Sector)

Louise Haagh Reader (Human Development; Social Justice; Democratisation; Economic Governance; Future of Work) 01904 32 3549

Adam Hejnowicz Postdoctoral Research Associate (Social-ecological Systems; Environmental Governance; Public Policy; Water-energy-food Nexus; Sustainability; Agriculture; Complex Systems)

Sam Hellmuth Senior Lecturer (Language; Spoken Communication; Arabic; Middle East; South Asia) 01904 32 2657

Paul Heron Research Fellow (Severe Mental Ill Health (SMI); Comorbid Physical and Mental Health; Research Ethics and Cohorts; Preventative Psychosocial Interventions in Refugees; Southeast Asia Populations) 01904 32 1746 

Eric Hoddy Associate Lecturer (Development and Human Rights; Transformative Justice and Agrarian Violence; Social Change and Transformation)

Bailey House Lecturer (Psychological Development; Human Evolution; Social Norms; Prosocial Behavior; Cross-Cultural Comparisons; Public Goods Dilemmas) 

Zoe Irving Senior Lecturer (Global Social Policy; Decent Work; Austerity; Small Island States) 01904 32 1247

Hannah Jennings Lecturer in Global Mental Health (Qualitative Methods; Chronic Disease; Community Interventions)

Eleanor Jew Lecturer in Environment and Development (Land Use Management; Biodiversity Conservation; Conservation Agriculture; Ecosystem Service Provision)

Jeff Jia Chair Professor of Supply Chain Management (Agricultural Co-operatives; Supply Chain Management; Sustainability; Resilience; Management Theory) 01904 32 5308

Edward Joyner Network Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni Rep; Development Manager - Social Sciences, External Relations 01904 32 4389

Research Fellow (Story-telling; Development Imaginations) 

Paul Kerswill Professor Department of Language and Linguistic Science (Sociolinguistics; Migration; Ethnicity; Language) 01904 32 2660

Talib Khan Trial Support Officer (Tobacco control in developing and developed countries; Cultural norms and sedentary life style; Co-morbidity of physical and mental health) 01904 32 1638

Joshua Kirshner Lecturer in Human Geography (Urban Energy Transitions; Development Planning; Political Geography; Migration and Social Exclusion) 01904 32 4277

Gernot Klantschnig Senior Lecturer (Drugs; Crime; Politics; Nigeria; China) 01904 32 1252

Arun Kumar Lecturer in International Management (International Development; Philanthropy in Development; Philanthropic foundations in Management Education) 01904 32 5306

Ingrid Kvangraven Lecturer in International Development (International Political Economy; International Finance; International Trade; Classical Political Economy) 

Philip Linsley Professor of Accounting and Risk (Risk; Management; Culture; Financial Inclusion) 01904 32 5018

Samuel Lordemus

Samuel Lordemus Research Fellow in Global Health

Sophie Mackinder Associate Lecturer (Social Protection; Fragile States; World Bank; Global Political Economy; Global Social Policy)

Robert Marchant Professor (Environmental Change; Tropical Vegetation; Biogeography, Ecology; Palaeoecology; Ecosystem Modelling) 01904 32 4061

Samantha Martin Deputy Head of Media Relations, Communications & Marketing 01904 32 2029

Amanda Mason-Jones Senior Lecturer in Global Public Health (Injury Epidemiology; Child and Adolescent Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Injury and Violence Prevention) 01904 32 1290

Jean McKendree Research Fellow (Participatory Research; Cognitive Science; Health and Environment; Education)

Noreen Mdege Associate Professor in Global Public Health (Tobacco; Alcohol; Medication Adherence; Low- and Middle- Income Countries) 01904 32 1836

Andrew Mirelman Research Fellow (Public Health; Health Systems; Economic Evaluation; Policy Evaluation)

Masuma Mishu Research Fellow (Health inequality; Oral Health; Mental Health; Tobacco Cessation; NCDs) 01904 32 1748

Jess Morgan NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Paediatrics (Systematic Reviews; Child Health; Paediatric Oncology; Supportive Care) 01904 32 1082

Jeremy F. G Moulton Associate Lecturer (European Union; Climate action; Political myth; Renewable energy) 

Peg Murray-Evans Associate Lecturer (Power; Economic Governance; South Africa as a rising power in Global Governance; Commonwealth; EU trade agreements with Africa; Caribbean and Pacific countries) 01904 32 3518

Alice Nah Lecturer (Global civil society; human rights; risk and personal security; migration; asylum; Asia) 01904 32 5824

Joao Nunes Lecturer (Global Health; Community Health Workers; Brazil; Security) 01904 32 2322

Tom O'Brien Lecturer in Political Sociology (Democratisation, Political Leadership, Environmental Sociology, Contentious Politics, and Human Security)

Jessica Ochalek Research Fellow (Priority Setting; Health Economics; Economic Evaluation; Global Health) 01904 32 1442

Alejandro Pena Lecturer in International Relations (International Relations; Political Sociology; Latin American Politics) 01904 32 2321

Kate Pickett Professor of Epidemiology (Epidemiology; Health; Justice; Inequality) 01904 32 1377

Kelly Redeker Lecturer (Soil-plant-atmosphere Systems; Climate Change Issues) 01904 32 8560

Paul Revill Senior Research Fellow (Health Economics; Economic Evaluation; Decision Making; Resources) 01904 32 1488

Phil Roberts Associate Lecturer (Political Economy of Development; Food Production; Economic thought of Development; Marxian analysis; Heterodox Economic Theories) 01904 32 3989

Jo Rose Programme Leader and Lecturer (Disasters, humanitarian crises; resilience, vulnerability, communities, context) 01904 32 1658

Indrajit Roy Lecturer (Democracy; Emerging Markets; Social Protection; Dignity; Social Class) 01904 32 3566

Rodrigo Moreno-Serra Reader (Health System Performance; Health Economics; Global Health; Development Economics) 01904 32 1426

Kamran Siddiqi Professor in Public Health (Epidemiology, Public Health, Tobacco, Tuberculosis)  01904 32 1335

Najma Siddiqi Clinical Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry (Comorbidity of Mental and Physical Health; Long-term Health Conditions; Care and Treatment) 01904 32 1681

Faraz Siddiqui Research Fellow (Non-Communicable Disease Epidemiology; Tobacco Cessation; Adolescent Health)

Claire Smith Lecturer (Ethnic conflict; Civil War; Mass Atrocities; Peacebuilding; Southeast Asia) 01904 32 2643

Daryl Stump Lecturer (Applied Archaeology; Sustainable Agriculture; Indigenous Knowledge; Traditional Knowledge; IK; ITK) 01904 32 4979

Marc Suhrke Professor of Global Health Economics

Frances Thirlway Research Fellow (Tobacco Control; Smoking Cessation; Health Inequalities; Harm Reduction; Global Health)

Jessica Thorn Postdoctoral Research Associate (Social-Ecological Systems; Ecosystem Services; Urban Resilience; Sustainable Agriculture; Global Environmental Change; Participatory Modelling) 01904 32 4212

Corrado Topi Senior Researcher (Cities; Private Enterprises; SMEs; Ecological Economics; Eircular Economy; Bioeconomy; Transition Strategies; Sustainability and Resilience; Business Models; Financial Schemes; Economics of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation; Cultural Heritage; Asia; Mediterranean Basin; Small Islands Development States) 01904 32 2893

Thierry Tonon Lecturer (Algal Biology; Metabolism; Enzymes; Biotechnology) 01904 32 8785

Juloa Touza Senior Lecturer (Ecosystem Services; Environmental Hazards; Sustainable Use; Environmental Co-operation) 01904 32 4246

Noortje Uphoff Research Fellow (Health Inequalities; Mental Health; Maternal and Infant Health; Pregnancy; Systematic Reviews) 01904 32 1056

Adrian Villasenor-Lopez Research Fellow (International Development; Economic inequality with links to health, education & wellbeing; Impact evaluation of environmental policies) 01904 32 1494

Helen Weatherly Senior Research Fellow (Economic Evaluation; Social Care/Long Term Care; Informal Unpaid Care) 01904 32 1447

Helen Wells Research Development Manager - Social Science

Sabrina Zissler Global Partnerships Manager 01904 32 3198


Tom Hart Research Fellow, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

  Chris Dye Visiting Professor of Zoology and Visiting Fellow, All Souls College, University of Oxford
  Ismail Einashe Feature and Investigative Journalist, Freelance
  Jayati Ghosh Professor of Development Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi/ UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
  Fiona Lambe Research Fellow, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) 
Christine Wallace, Director, WallaceNedley Ltd

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