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Student profiles

Lee Wratten, 2nd year student



"What I love about SPS is the ability to study so many different and interesting topics in one degree - this year I've studied everything from Human Rights to Conversation Analysis. The especially great thing about York is the amount of formal and community support we get despite being across 4 departments. The degree has also equipped me with the skills I need to feel confident going into an internship at Barclays this summer."





Lucy Robinson, 3rd year student


"I switched courses from Sociology to SPS at the start of my 2nd year because I wanted to broaden my area of study. All the staff and lecturers couldn't have been more welcoming, and the course really is a community. The teaching is conducted to such a high standard, it really prepares you for future workplaces and challenging scenarios. I've also been working as the elected YUSU Women's Officer since March of my 2nd year. Being politically active, self driven and making tangible improvements to student life has truly enriched my life and my CV"




Kane Silver, 2nd year student

"The great thing about SPS is that it allows you to build a degree that is not only engaging and interesting but one that covers a huge variety of topics. It has allowed me to seamlessly combine a love for Sociology with a keen interest in Politics and both of those help provide a unique understanding of Social Policy. Whilst the course can sometimes be challenging because it does not specialize solely in one subject, it is actually a huge positive because you end up building an intrinsic network of theories and ideas that inform and question each other. Overall, York is just a fantastic place to study and because it has such an extensive array of societies and socials to join, it is really easy to engage with the wider university community and helped me gain experience beyond my degree. The level of support available within the SPS department and at York has been invaluable to my time here."

David Mbai, 3rd year student




"Studying SPS has been an interesting experience because of the broad knowledge you gain learning in various departments. I've found it both enjoyable and enlightening"

Kyle Knights, 2016 Graduate



"This course is truly unique; the sheer variety and breadth of modules available to study challenges students to look at problems in a multifaceted way.This causes students to become flexible and agile, which will be an asset in the world of work.

In addition to the academic challenge that SPS presents, extracurricular activities and societies are a large part of the SPS and York experience. I was president of the SPS Society in my final year which allowed me to cultivate transferable skills such as: small project management, team work and leadership."


Nicole Minkover, 2016 Graduate

Photo of Nicole Minkover

"Last term I studied at the University of Rome via the study abroad scheme. My time studying in Rome has been of immense value towards my experience and development at Uni. Not only did I greatly improve my language skills, but I saw a completely different way of life. The experience has enriched me culturally and left me with friends I will keep for life. I am so grateful for the consistent and kind support offered to me at York in helping make this dream a reality!"